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In this instance, Australian Renegades at Asia Minor have beaten Chinese ViCi Gaming with 2-1. With this act, they have sealed their passage to the Asia Minor Championship.

The first match took place on the map Mirage, Renegades’ map of choice. In the very beginning, they have taken the lead 2-0, being on Terrorist side. On the third round, however, ViCi has beat Renegades, which started their dominant chain of battles.

renegades at asia minor

Four of ViCi’s players had achieved multi-kills during multiple rounds. This gave Renegades some hardships as they were struggling to keep up. The half was closed at 11-4 lead for ViCi.

On the Counter-Terrorist side, Renegades took their pistol round and anti-ecos. The Australians continued to struggle, bringing a few more rounds of victory in hopes of keeping a minimum loss. ViCi despite this won four more rounds, finishing at the score of 16-11.

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Next map was Inferno, ViCi’s map of choice. Unfortunately for ViCi, their performance looked nothing like on the last map. Even though Inferno was chosen by themselves, they underperformed. Only once in seven rounds have they managed to break through Renegades’ defenses. That one successful round had no influence on the outcome whatsoever. Renegades regained their dominance swiftly, leading to a 14-1 lead.

Their players  Jay Tregillgas “liazz” and Aaron Ward “AZR” have managed to average over 120 damage per round and gained 39 frags. ViCi were doing their best to recover, but to no avail and here, Renegades at Asia Minor, finished victorious on the 21st round.

Third map, the decider, started with Renegades taking the pistol round as Terrorists. WingHei Cheung “Freeman”, however, started performing really well and took Renegades with his Desert Eagle. ViCi at this moment started developing their lead to 5-1, winning several unlikely situations. That included a 2v5 win thanks to a quad-kill by Andrew Khong “kaze”.

Just as odds started improving for Chinese ViCi, Renegades regained focus and lost only one more half, securing a 9-6 lead.

The second half of this map turned out to be an outright feast for Renegades. ViCi have lost their appeal and Renegades hit match point without losing one single round. ViCi has managed to muster one more round victory. In the end, Renegades at Asia Minor have concluded their passage to tournament’s upper bracket final.

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