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We will be seeing Renegades at New Legends, as they beat ENCE and became the first challenger to get to the stage. They got them with 2-0.

It all started with a Nuke map pick by ENCE, to push Renegades off the tracks. This was because Renegades they haven’t played it in the last three maps. This, however, did not go as planned for the Finnish team.

Renegades at New Legends

Heat built up almost immediately. After losing the pistol round, ENCE hit back. Their lead was short-lived, however. After Renegades took their economy under control and equipped some gear, they started taking the lead again. Thanks to Justin “jks” Savage and Jay “Liazz” Tregillgas, the game developed to an 11-4 advantage.

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ENCE still did as well as they could and managed to string three rounds together. Once again, Renegades took control with  Joakim “jkaem” Myrbostad ending the game with a quad kill.

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On map Mirage, ENCE claimed the pistol round without losing a single player. With a new influx of confidence, they tried to turn the odds to their favor and beat Renegades at New Legends.

It started developing well for them. They stringed a few rounds together without giving much room to Renegades to operate. They did not have much use of this, however, since Renegades stood up in the latter stages of the final. With many creative ways, Renegades broke through ENCE defenses and lowered the deficit to 7-8.

The third pistol round was won by ENCE again. In the 30th round, they, unfortunately, gave in. This will make them play one more match if they want to get to the next stage in the mayor. Renegades, at New Legends, are victors!


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