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The 1st week of LEC occurred over the 19th and 20th January and allowed us our first glimpse of the 10 teams’ performances. It was a weekend which was preceded by several hype videos featuring casters and professional players promoting the newly re branded broadcast.

The weekend’s broadcast didn’t get off to the best start. FPS issues in the first match between Fnatic and SK gaming forced a rather lengthy pause and then a remake. However, the rest of the show was greatly entertaining! The pre-show ready check segments saw the return of Detective Vedius and his partner Doctor Medius. On top of that, a hot seat interview with newcomer to the broadcast Froskurinn was a new addition.

first week of lec

Image Courtesy: Riot Games

The matches were a good view into what picks thrive in the current meta. Teams utilized jungle Karthus and Vayne with hail of blades to put wins up on the board.

The newly formed super teams of G2 and Misfits managed to go undefeated. Schalke, Splyce, Excel, SK Gaming, Origen as well as Vitality all picked up one win and one loss. Rogue and, surprisingly, the world’s finalist, Fnatic losing both their games.

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Fans should however not be in a rush to make snap decisions as this is still only the 1st week of LEC. Each team has at least 16 games left to play and anything can happen. There is certainly an opportunity for them to discover what works best for them and find their true ranking amongst Europe’s best.


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