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The ranked ladder in the League of Legends has come to a change with its new perks and by the end of March, we’ll see exactly how. Riot Games will be featuring new positions in the ranked system where they plan removing partial rank reset for higher elo players, additionally with their glorified new looks. The company is looking to improve the game with League of Legends rank ladder changes, so what’s it all about?

The reason behind this removal is the moment when Riot Games introduced us to Iron and Grandmaster title, a glitch appeared in the ranked system allowing players to rise faster in ranked then allowed, jumping 3 even 4 divisions at a time!

Image credit: Riot Games

Furtherly explained, the ranks of higher elo players will be saved. Meaning, if you once were a Master rank, you will keep your Master rank, but with 0 LP. For Diamond players you will only drop one division, for an example if you were Diamond 2, you will drop to Diamond 3. But for the Challenger and Grandmaster, it is still unknown, as they remained locked until further notice.

Also worth mentioning is that players who are in promos will have an advantage. This means if a player is in Diamond 3 promos, he will not drop at all! But if a player is in Diamond 4 and not in his promotion series they will reset to Diamond 4 with 0 LP. For now, there is no further explanation nor timeframe of when these rank changes will take place. Some say by the end of March, but we’ve been met with League of Legends standards before.


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