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By message boards on the Dev Corner, Riot Games shoots for the biggest item shop rework since the game was originated. The shop will endure a deep cleansing, with additional new outlook by the end of 2019.

League of Legends developers have a serious approach over this venture. They are aiming to remove and modify some of the existing items, while also adding new ones to the shop. Two primary reasons for this venture is to adjust the shop to the new players, while also granting additional alternatives for the more experienced. After completion of this project, the new item shop is estimated to have over 120 items at your disposal.

After Riot Games' Item Shop Rework, you will have over 120 items at your disposal.

Image courtesy: League of Legends

The cleansing will be taken upon items that have no significant impact on the game. This category includes items that reduce, or don’t have any impact on the games’ decision making, items that are almost ditto, and items that are forever-alone in the shop.

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Recent Riot Games Item Shop Rework

Riot Games has started paying serious attention to the items shop since the beginning of 2019. Just 2 months back, devs remastered the AD Carry items that were falling-off the meta for quite some time now.

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People were starting to build The Black Cleaver, and Rage Blade on Vayne, with core AD Carry items such as Infinity Edge, were left with no attention. Don’t take me wrong on this one, they completely ruined Infinity Edge. The same change went for the Support role, only this time they’ve put a stop to the abuse-items, such as Frostmancy.

Throught the changes of the game, Riot Games had their list of mistakes.

Image courtesy: memegenerator.net

Hopefully, Riot Games gets the item shop rework straight. Yes, they made mistakes. Almost every time a new champion is out, and almost every time a new item was out. Then coming back at us with constant balances on the wrong champions. But hey. Let’s try and give them chance, ’cause at least we know they’re trying.

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