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The company behind League of Legends, Riot Games, is collaborating with Webedia, a French online media company. In this collaboration, they have announced their League of Legends French League (LFL) Teams. It will be co-produced between the two companies, and will be broadcasted on the French network O’Gaming.

As we are used with competitions run by Riot Games, the event will be held in two waves – the Spring and Summer splits. Starting from January 22, the French teams will compete every Tuesday and Wednesday.

Riot games webedia LFL teams

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Riot Games France’s Head of Esports, Damien Ricci, said that he finds this joint important, stating: “it will allow the teams to compete more frequently and therefore to our community to be able to follow the competition on a regular basis. The LFL is getting closer to the format of our international competitions and will be an opportunity to share additional content with our fans as part of a premium league.”

The competition will be closed to eight selected participants. After the first event has finished and new systems are implemented, future ones will continue with ten Riot Games and Webedia teams.

The Riot Games Webedia LFL teams will be:

  • GamersOrigin

  • Solary

  • Team Vitality

  • MCES

  • Team LDLC

  • Misfits Gaming

  • ROG Esport

  • against All authority (aAa)

This competition arises from the desire to cultivate the French Esports scene. It is supposed to be a step forward from the Open Tour competition, that took place in 2018. Announcement of these Riot Games and Webedia LFL teams is opening a new stream of French online entertainment.

An Esports Insider has explained: It’s great to see some solid support being provided by Riot Games for amateur players in the French scene. Providing a platform to improve and potentially even reach the European Masters is commendable, and we sincerely hope other countries receive this level of support in the near future too.”

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