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The 1st week of the LCS kicked off on the 26th of January however there was a noticeable absence from the analyst desk as long time caster and analyst, Joshua Jatt Leesman was not in attendance for the proceedings and fans on reddit most certainly noticed. Riot Jatt has been an important part of the team for some time.

On Sunday after all the matches had been played Riot Jatt took to twitter to mention that he took some time off to spend with his dog Kubo and was happy to not have to worry about getting any predictions wrong for the opening week.

riot jatt

However with the most recent episode of the official LCS podcast the Dive, it appears Jatt’s hiatus may be longer than anyone may have anticipated. Towards the end of the show he mentioned that he will be stepping back from the analyst desk. He will still be at Riot, although his role will be one that is less involved as he moves on to work with the live balance team.

Jatt has been involved with competitive League of Legends since the beginning starting out as a Jungler with the Rock solid line up that would eventually go on to become Team Dignitas. He was casting from 2012 up until the end of 2017 after which he moved on to being a full time analyst for the newly franchised NALCS. He was a host for This or That with fellow caster Kobe and the above mentioned Dive podcast.


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