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Runtime is a company that primarily focuses on food and nutritional solutions for today’s lifestyle. Starting in February 2017, initially, they had two products:  The Next Level Meal and the Performance Drink. The company primarily focuses on combining fast, calorie-rich with health to make ultimately convenient food – a philosophy that sits well with gamers. Advertising themselves to gamers is part of the reason why the company had its own Runtime CSGO roster.

Runtime CSGO

The announcement about the roster came after a period of inactivity. At the beginning of 2019, the players signed a contract with Runtime prior to CIS Minor, leading to IEM Katowice.

Initially, the expectations for the team were high – after all, they had a veteran trio headlining them: Denis “seized” Kostin, Sergey “starix” Ischuk and Dmitry “hooch” Bogdanov. However, the team disappointed and was one of the first to be eliminated. The elimination came after losing to teams Winstrike and pro100.

This was not a great motivator for the team. Aside from this, the unsatisfactory performance persisted. This was apparent already on the qualifiers for IEM Sydney, when the team exited on round 32, losing to MIXSQUAD.

Runtime CSGO squad consisted of the following people:

  • Dmitry “hooch” Bogdanov
  • Denis “seized” Kostin
  • Sergej “Starix” Ischuk
  • Nikolaj “Kalinka” Rysakov
  • Alexander Scoobyxie” Marynych

The contract ended on March 15, leaving the players to find other Esports organizations. As this one did not do so well, it looks like it’s best for everyone to go and look for new opportunities.

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Runtime.gg announced on Twitter: “As the contracts with our CS: GO team ran out on Friday, March 15th, we need to announce going separate ways in the future. We are grateful for the cooperation with Denis, Sergii, Oleksandr, Nikolay, Dmitry, and Vadim and wish them all the best for their future career. #RuntimeGG”

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