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Shine 2019 winner Samsora

After a historical battle and series of losses against MKLeo, back to back, at EVO and Super Smash Con, the world’s greatest Peach main finally emerges victorious at Shine 2019! Shine, the illustrious major tournament held in Massachusetts, began its run in 2016. As its inaugural Super Smash Bros. Ultimate event, Shine brought in over 882 entrants for the event.

Recap of Events from Shine 2019

While the numbers didn’t quite reach the high-hitting peak of Momocon, CEO, EVO, or Super Smash Con, the level of competition did not change. The best players in the world showed up, to include Tweek, Marss, Dabuz, and more. The bracket featured several of the 50 best players included in Season 2 of PGR.

Samsora Peach at Shine 2019

While MKLeo won multiple major tournaments, they didn’t come without a strong loser’s run. With Tweek, Nairo, Samsora, or Marss waiting for him in loser’s, MKLeo would eventually turn the fuel up and crash through his opponents at the end.

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This includes Game 3 resets, where MKLeo would be down 2 games and make a phenomenal comeback, reverse 3-0ing his opponent before establishing dominance in the grand finals bracket reset.

MKLeo would seek the same result, resetting Samsora in grands. But despite his best efforts, Samsora would bite back, fighting tooth and nail to ensure history would not repeat itself.

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In the end, thanks largely to a fated Bob-omb, Peach would bring Samsora to victory at 3-1 in grands, with one game to spare against his longtime rival.

samsora and mkleo at shine 2019

You can find the full bracket for Shine 2019 on Smash.gg here.


Thank you for reading our coverage of Shine 2019! Did Samsora’s win surprise you? Were you rooting for another player to win the event? Let us know in the comments below!

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