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Dean Overwatch Harassment

Now more than ever, sexual harassment is becoming an increasing issue and cuts across various sectors and industries. Even though the Esports industry can be regarded as a  contemporary one, owing to the fact that it is still emerging in certain areas, it has become a part of this dark trend; we are witnessing more and more sexual harassment cases in Esports today.

There have been several sexual harassment cases in Esports over the past few years. Several gamers have even been banned for openly lewd actions. Similarly, some Esports companies have also been hit with sexual harassment claims. Today, you get to see five sexual harassment cases in Esports that totally shocked the world.

5. Timo Kettunen

taimou sexual harassment cases in Esports

An Overwatch team player known as Taimou, who played for Team Envy in 2016, stated on Twitch how he was going to ‘explore that interviewer girls thighs.’ This was only the latest in a long line of offensive comments the former Team EnvyUs player had made. The organisers of ETF2L had banned him in 2012 for a wide range of insults towards various nationalities. Team EnvyUs almost got disqualified at the OGN Overwatch APEX for Ketunnen’s misdemeanour. However, after a public apology from him and the team, the organisers cut their prize money instead.

4. Riot Games

Riot Games Sexism Esports

Any person invested in the gaming world would have most likely heard the name Riot Games. For the League of Legends fandom and players, this company basically is a god when it comes to LoL. Riot Games is an American company that not only develops video games worth billions but also organizes some of the best esports events. In August 2018, Kotaku’s investigative report revealed that several senior figures in the company had engaged in some very dubious behaviour; from telling jokes about rape to sending photographs of their genitals to female co-workers.

Female applicants are doubted during job interviews, while female employees are usually denied administrative posts. They are also considered inferior in general.

3. LEETAEJUN & Dong-geun

leetaejun sexual harassment esports

Both were promising members of Team Lunatic-Hai’s Overwatch squad and had basically ruined their careers through inappropriate behaviour. It was revealed that they had been asking for sexual favours from their female fans in early 2017. Despite their protests, several fans came forward with photographic proof. It was against their organization’s principles, as is with others, to fraternize with fans, much less be lewd with them. They eventually retired.

2. Chase “Loomdun” Stearns

sammyboy dota 2

The harassed player: Sammyboy

In November 2017, a player called out the coach of Team Vendetta (Dota 2) for behaviours of sexual harassment.

The coach, Chase “Loomdun” Stearns, sexually harassed the player, Sammyboy, in front of his roommates, according to Sammyboy’s post. Loomdun kept making sexual advances on the player, even during official matches. He did this despite Sammy’s constant disapproval and discomfort which “made it very difficult to speak up”. Team Vendetta has since removed Stearns from the coach position.

1. Noel Brown

Noel Brown Esports Sexual Harassment

The last on our list of sexual harassment cases in Esports happened in 2016. Streetfighter pro player, Noel Brown, received a ban from Capcom for the whole of Street Fighter Season 5.  They stated in an offical release that the victim notified them of the unfortunate case of sexual harassment.

It occurred at Combo Breaker 2016, a Capcom Pro Tour Ranking Event. A female attendee received unwarranted and unwanted contact from a male attendee, who is confirmed to be Noel Brown. This incident was also captured on camera during the live stream before the Street Fighter V Losers Final match.

Harassment of any nature is never welcomed, not to speak of harassing someone in a sexual manner. Sexual harassment cases in Esports should be talked about more and stricter punishment should be imposed on offenders.

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