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SheIS is an initiative founded in 2017 that focuses on “the positive attributes of sport to acknowledge and elevate women.” Basically, it’s an organization made to encourage women to engage in sports and similar activities. Recently, they entered a partnership with Lazarus, a North American team and Esports organization previously known as SetToDestroyX.

sheis esports

Through this partnership, both organizations are looking to improve the position of women in Esports. With this collaboration, they are aiming to create as many opportunities as possible for women to enter the industry.

Brenda Andress, Founder of SheIS said: “We are extremely excited to expand our SheIS Collective into Esports and to welcome our newest leaders to sit among the SheIS Collective, further cross-pollinating our efforts and embracing the power within our leagues and with their amazing athletes. By strengthening this group, we are showing the sports world that we are ready to up our game and showing everyone that we can have a positive impact on women’s sports.”

SheIS is not an unknown organization by any means. Many large recognizable brands are already collaborating with them, including Adidas, WWE, NWSL, NWHL, and WNBA. Soccer, hockey, basketball, even wrestling – wherever women would like to compete, they are supported.

David Brisson, President of Tiidal Gaming, Lazarus’ parent company commented: “We believe in progressing women in Esports and are thrilled to partner with the SheIS Collective to help further that goal. Our Lazarus Esports’ female roster gives us the ability to align with like-minded organizations to build a profile within the sports industry and shine a spotlight on female competitors.”

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