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John McAfee facts McAfee in Belize with Gun

Most know him as the father of McAfee antivirus, but John McAfee is far from being a simple inventor and engineer. If there was ever a person who’s living a life from the movies, it would be this guy. Some of these John McAfee facts are disturbing, yet intriguing at the same time. Why did this man decide to do this, why is he doing that; all questions without a proper answer. If you don’t think I’m being serious, just wait a couple of paragraphs and you’ll see what kind of nutcase he really is. Or is he a genius?

Either way, his life is crazy. If we took time researching his life and listing all the controversial situations that happened, it would take an infinity to compile. So, the better option would be to list only the most shocking John McAfee facts and let you imagine how the rest of his life functions. You probably can’t because unpredictability and mystery are basically his two middle names (as well as crazy) but eh, worth a shot, no?

The Most Shocking John McAfee Facts

 1. He Once Took a Whole Bag of DMT

Ahh yes, John McAfee’s favorite past-time (apart from the next couple) – doing drugs! Way back when, McAfee worked at Missouri Pacific Railroad. He was a train conductor at the time and regularly took LSD on duty. Guess it made his life a little bit easier there and then. One time though, he was sold a full bag of DMT (a well-known yet dangerous psychedelic).

McAfee took a line of DMT while on break (well, he snorted it like Cocaine), and didn’t feel anything. So naturally, like any other sane person would do, he snorted the entire bag of it. Needless to say, the drug wasn’t shoddy and it started working.


Since he took a massive dose, McAfee freaked out due to all the mental gymnastics he was going through thanks to DMT. He ran outside and hid behind a trashcan, clearly in anguish and desperately avoiding people looking at him.

John McAfee would never be the same after this experience and part of him believes he is still living that DMT trip; as if his entire life afterwards is a hallucination. Arguably, our John McAfee facts list might not exist if John was an Average Joe. Go figure!

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2. While in Belize, his Neighbor was Found Dead and he was the Main Suspect

And John McAfee was the primary suspect. Ever since his stint at Missour Pacific Railroad, he seemingly continued to do even crazier shit. For a period of time, he worked at Lockheed and sold the story of the ‘Michelangelo’ virus. Thanks to this, he was able to develop the antivirus software we know today as ‘McAfee’. He took the millions he earned and moved to Belize. Life was finally looking extremely satisfying and relaxing for McAfee.

McAfee russian roulette

Trust no one; not even yourself

But he just couldn’t help himself stay out of controversy and suspicion. News arose of his Belizean neighbor being found dead – executed. This ruled out the suicide route and the most obvious suspect in the whole case was John McAfee himself. Not helping himself, he fled country to go to Guatemala and chilled there for some time. Now, at this time, the news about John McAfee being a murdered surfaced and was broadcast all around. VICE wanted to interview the man in the hopes of uncovering what the hell is going on.

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He agreed and gave the interview, but VICE messed up (or helped out?) big time by forgetting to erase the metadata in their article, thus leading the police to his exact location. McAfee was arrested and returned to the US. As for the murder charges, nothing new had happened since. He is still a free man.

3. He Started Dealing Large Quantities of Drugs and was Paranoid

To people who knew him in Belize, it was no secret that McAfee was a paranoid man. He constantly thought he was being monitored and watched by the government, especially after the little venture into drug dealing. Hard to say whether or not this was a smart choice; only John McAfee knows it.


Though no official connection was ever made between Belizean gangsters and McAfee himself, there’s a dose of certainty that he, indeed, lay in the bed with these men (figuratively, though who knows by now?).

4. McAfee Used to Stick Bath Salts up his Ass

Yup, you didn’t misread that; the man actually put bath salts up his ass. This came after his small but ambitious venture into antibiotics and medicine. Basically, McAfee believed that the best way to take drugs, in this case bath salts, was to place them in your rectum. This way, the absorption was highest and also, according to him, it purified the drug.

John McAfee anal pain

Bath Salts into ass are no good.

Now whether or not you believe this to be true, it does make for a bizarre part of John McAfee facts. Question is, was he the only one doing it; did anyone actually listen to him and decide ‘Fuck it, Imma try putting this shit in my asshole’? We will never know.

5. He was Into Scat Sex

We often say not to question others’ fetishes but this one… I’m not sure about this one. So for the unaware, scat sex is essentially doing sexual acts while lubed up in shit. Loads of it. And it seems McAfee excelled at this fetish since he was into it. Knowing a part of McAfee’s personality suggests that he did this just because he could; not because he took pleasure in it. But then again, he’s a slippery bastard and might really be into it.

John McAfee Facts he loves food

At least here he’s a gentleman, right? 😀

Nonetheless, this truly is one of the most uncomfortable John McAfee facts you’ll hear (and let’s keep it at that; no need to imagine anything unless you want images of a Crap John McAfee etched in your mind).

What do you think about this man? Insane, or a mastermind? Or both? Let us know in the comments below!

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Yens Storm
2 years ago

Isnt he going to eat his own dick if BTC doesnt hit 1mln?