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T1 Telecom

South Korean telecom company and main sponsors of League of legends most successful organisation with American company Comcast have signed a partnership. SK Telecom T1 is going to change its name!

On the 25th of February the newly christened T1 Entertainment & Sports was announced with the  League of legends to official start using the name in the summer split along with  competitive gaming teams for other esports such as Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Super Smash Brothers, Hearthstone and Apex Legends.

However this partnership will not affect Comcast owned overwatch team the Philadelphia Fusion and its academy team Fusion University.

The announcement was made by both companies presidents( Park Jung-Ho, SK Telecom , Tucker Roberts, Comcast ) at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Following the announcement SK Telecom’s longest standing player, their star mid laner Faker announced his official twitter (@faker) which quickly amassed 79,000 followers.


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