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SKT T1 is eliminated from Kespa Cup. The first disappointment for the new team of SK Telecom T1 did not take long to arrive. The renewed line-up of the three-time world champion has fallen in the quarterfinals of the KeSPA Cup 2018 against DAMWON Gaming.

In fact, the play style that SKT T1 exhibited against bbq Olivers in the first round did not convince anyone. A “semi-professional” team eliminated Faker, Mata and company from the tournament.

SKT T1 Eliminated From Kespa

The KeSPA Cup is a tournament that brings together professional teams of the LCK (main league of South Korea). In addition, semi professional teams of the LCK also participates in event. Therefore, despite being something without great significance, it is useful to see how the teams role before the start of the season.


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