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SKT Faker is arguably one of the best mid-laners known today and comes from Esports birth country, South Korea. However, he says that he is not fond of the lineup for the upcoming professionals in his role.

He is formerly known as “GoJeonPa”. SK Telecom picked him up in 2013 and has him currently playing for SK Telecom T1. Currently, he is the oldest player in the division at 22.

SKT Faker

Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, while talking about the today’s top level of League of Legends, said he is unimpressed by his fellow mid-laners. His confidence is obviously still very high despite that most players do not maintain exceptional performance past age 23. He said that if he takes care of his health and maintains it, he’ll be able to continue playing professionally for a while.

However, he does admit that he has inconsistencies in his performance. He is still not concerned with the competition, though.

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SKT Faker stated: “This is my personal observation from playing in the LCK. I have yet to see a single player that has performed to a point where I have been truly impressed with them. Yet.”

His age hasn’t taken a big toll on him yet, as he had a great start in the year 2019. In LCK 2019 Spring Split, he is ranked third. Their only losses come from Griffin and SANDBOX, featuring Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon and Kim “Dove” Jae-Yeon, making SKT Faker confidence mostly justified.

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