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The question who is Soleil Ewok Wheeler is probably one of the most searched throughout the past few weeks when FaZe clan dropped its history-making bombshell of their new signing. Everyone began to ask who is Soleil Ewok Wheeler and this article seeks to give a well-detailed explanation to the questions. Soleil Wheeler was born on the 3rd of January, 2006 in the United States of America. Her family is also deaf, her dad was a sign language professor having a popular showing called “ASL That!” and she has some other siblings as well.

Soleil Ewok Wheeler Questions Answered

When did Soleil Ewok Wheeler Start Playing Fortnite?

Ewok started to play Fortnite on May 1st, 2018 which was when Fortnite had just begun Season 4. During this time she was still taking the whole gameplay in bit by bit bidding her time until she turned 13 by which time she would be able to open a twitch account and start streaming.

Soleil didn’t always use to be FaZe Ewok which she is now known as today; she, like many others, started from somewhere before being picked up by the American Esports and entertainment organization.

How did Soleil Ewok Wheeler become Famous?

One of the greatest blessings to ever grace the face of the gaming world has to be Amazon’s twitch because it has not only been a platform for streamers to upload gaming content for viewers but has also helped change the lives of streamers for the better. Ewok joined Twitch in January of 2019 but it was on March 7th, 2019 that this youngster’s future would take a famous turn after a popular streamer by the name “TimTheTatman” hosted her stream. People fell in love with Ewok and she received a huge number of viewers who then began to watch her stream.

Showing the world what she’s all about!

And in the few following days, American football quarterback for Atlanta Falcons, Kurt Benkhert, and popular twitch streamer, Mizkif were all special guests on her stream supporting her.
From then on, Ewok’s subscribers rapidly began to increase. She also played with a group of Team Solo Mid members like Slappie and Chica plus a few Epic Games employees and some Twitch staff.

By this time, Ewok had gained over a hundred thousand subscribers and on May 8th Ewok received a partnership from Twitch where thousands of her followers and some popular gaming personalities like Ninja and Faze’s Megga celebrated with her.

By June, Ewok had teamed up with Kurt Benkhert at the Celebrity summer block party which featured a Fortnite play-along against 49 other teams.  After this, she partnered with American actor Jordan Fisher for a Professionals vs Amateurs Tournament where she placed 25th and won 20,000 dollars for charity (donated to the National Association of the Deaf’s Youth Program).

soleil ewok wheeler photo

Happy that she’s FaZe Ewok now!

She had also played with big names liked Ninja and Dr Lupo, Liquidchap and her exciting gameplay made viewers love her more, especially after her incredible takedown of Thang Phan who was a founding member of FaZe Clan’s Fortnite team in a battle royale.

Ewoks Fortnite’s stats were revealed through Fortnite Tracker; she had over 1,300 eliminations and a 1.74 kill-to-death ratio with 65 victories in just Season 9 alone! Her Twitch followers number over 250,000 and she has around 1,500,000 views on the channel.

How did Soleil Ewok Wheeler Join FaZe Clan?

After FaZe Clan made their announcement of their new addition to their team, tongues began to whisper who is Soleil Ewok Wheeler, why FaZe Clan, why now? Well, it is a fact that FaZe Clan is an Esports organization that looks to be an all-boys club best known for how cool they make gaming look while killing it. Another thing FaZe Clan does very well is helping its streamers, developing their content and building their brand in general.

FaZe Clan Ewok

In some crispy FaZe Clan attire.

Ewok had always expressed her intention to join an Esports organization and with the attention she was already gathering, plus her skills at Fortnite, it was no doubt bound to happen sooner or later. Just as Ewok was waiting for the right fit, it would seem that FaZe Clan was also waiting for the right female player to come along, though one may say that FaZe took long. Eventually, they did it and broke the Bro Code!

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On the 28th of July, Faze Clan took to twitter to announce its new signing stating that the Esports organization was ready to change history by welcoming its first-ever female player. Ewok took to Twitter and told her fans to never stop chasing their dreams no matter what. This was highly welcomed by the gaming community.

Who are Other Young Pro Gamers like Soleil Ewok Wheeler?

The Esports scene definitely has a lot of young talent like FaZe Ewok, and they include the 16-year-old sensation Kyle Bhuga Giersdorf who just recently became Fortnite Solos World Champion, taking home 3 million dollars; the most money won in a singles competitive game.

Another young pro gamer is FaZe Clan’s youngest member, H1ghsky. He also creates content on Twitch. Though there have been a lot of controversies surrounding the player’s age and FaZe clan’s business with him, there is no denying his Fortnite skills and talents.

There is also 14-year-old Kyle Jackson who became the youngest professional Fortnite gamer after signing with Team Secret in 2018. He also streams on twitch under the name “Mongraal” and joined FaZe Clan this year. Kyle ‘Mongraal’ Jackson has one million-plus subscribers across YouTube and Twitch.

It is no surprise to see young people taking a liking for Esports, pushing to become pros and doing well for themselves. There’s surely more to come from a lot of youngsters and a whole lot of interesting personalities waiting to be showcased through Esports.

The question who is Soleil Ewok Wheeler may have different storylines to it, but one thing is certain – she is a young girl who has dared to dream and has, in turn, inspired so many others to strive towards whatever they want because disability does not define you. So now that we know who Soleil Ewok Wheeler is, let’s all dare to dream like her.

What do you think about youngsters being signed to professional Esports organizations and teams? Leave a comment below!

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