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Over the years, one of the most consistently popular aspects of Esports is sports gaming. From the era of Pong to the present day where games such as 2K and Rocket League are celebrated, it is extremely impressive and admirable to see how far sports gaming really came as a genre. Pong is widely considered to be the very first video game. When it was first introduced in the early seventies, nobody could have imagined how much further gaming evolved.

Think about how far technology has taken the gaming industry as a whole, let alone sports gaming. We have gotten to the point where game designers use real athletes in order to emulate their body movements in their respective video games.

madden 19 sports gaming

In Madden, there are various types of playbooks that are heavily related to playbooks that are used in the actual game of (American) football. I start thinking about all of the formations that are used in this video game, and it is mindblowing to see how much real football is incorporated into it. There’s the 3-4, 4-3, 3-3-5, Dime, Etc. All of these defensive formations have been used in every level of football, from little league to professional. This is just one of many examples of the detail that has been put into sports gaming over the years. 

When somebody is playing FIFA and controlling Lionel Messi, the player on the screen will control the ball just like Messi. When somebody is playing NBA 2K19 and controlling LeBron James, the player on the screen will drive to the paint just like LeBron does.

Fifa 19 sports in gaming

This is all due to the technology and innovation that has been placed into these games over the decades, and it’s crazy to believe that we’re only just getting started. As long as these games maintain their popularity, they will only improve from here. I’m excited and honored to be a part of such an amazing industry, and I’m looking forward to seeing where these games will go next. 

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