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Details, along with the StarLadder CSGO date have been revealed, as the platform officially confirms that they will host the event. They will work alongside ImbaTV to produce it, and ImbaTV will be responsible for broadcasting every StarLadder event to the Chinese audience.

Currently, IEM Katowice is at its full swing. However, many people want to know when, and where the next major event will be played. Well, the next Counter-Strike: Global Offensive major will be held in Germany, Berlin from 5th to 8th September. It will boast a large one million dollar prize pool to ensure a very heated competition. The tickets to the event will be available for sale in April.

StarLadder CSGO date

Starladder CS: GO official twitter stated: “We are pleased to inform all fans of the game that we are honored to host the fifteenth Major tournament in CS: GO! The main event will take place from 5th to 8th September 2019 at the Mercedes-Benz Arena.”

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Much like IEM Katowice Major, they will have two Minors at the same time. Those regional Minor and Major stages will too be held in Berlin, as to avoid Visa problems for the teams.

The StarLadder CSGO date combo is:

  • July 17-July 21 – Europe and Americas Minors
  • July 24-July 28 – CIS & Asia Minors
  • August 20-August 25 – Challengers Stage
  • August 27-September 1 – Legends Stage
  • September 5-September 8 – Champions Stage

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