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eallsvenskan dreamhack

World’s largest digital festival organizer, DreamHack has partnered with Swedish Elite Football to form eAllsvenskan. The eAllsvenskan Dreamhack creation will have an interesting concept behind it.

Swedish Elite Football is an interest organization that represents 32 elite football clubs in the top two divisions of the Swedish football league system. These divisions are named Allsvenskan and Superettan, which is where eAllsvenskan got its name from.

eAllsvenskan Dreamhack

Concluding this partnership, they are creating a spectacle where we will see 12 Swedish football clubs compete on FIFA 19. Each of these teams will feature two to five players.

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The Event

Every team will play 11 games consisting of two matches. Top eight of these teams will be advancing to Grand Finals, held on May 26th.

The matches will be streamed on a streaming platform Dplay. Some of the selected matches will also be aired on a Swedish television channel Kanal 9.

The total prize pool for this event will be 500,000 Swedish Kronas, which roughly translates to a bit over 55,000 USD. How the money will be distributed on eAllsvenskan Dreamhack, based on positions, is currently unknown.

The 12 Swedish football clubs that will partake in eAllsvenskan Dreamhack are:

  • Allmänna Idrottsklubben (AIK)
  • Djurgårdens IF
  • Hammarby IF
  • Örebro SK
  • Östersunds FK
  • GIF Sundsvall
  • Örgryte IS
  • BK Häcken
  • Helsingborg IF
  • Jönköping Södra IF
  • Malmö FF
  • AFC Eskilstuna

Mats Enquist, Secretary General at Swedish Elite Football has declared: “It is time to take esports seriously and discover the possibilities of having a strong brand in this world as well. It is the right thing to do and I am happy that the clubs want to join in. It will be an exciting league to follow and I believe that eAllsvenskan can become something really big.”


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