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DreamHack Dallas CS:GO

Finally, the wait is over, as Team Liquid is the newly crowned champion of CS:GO DreamHack Masters Dallas. After a tense final, it was ENCE who took the bitter end and dropped the victory to a final score of 2-1. The winning side will be walking out with a prize of $100,000 and is now two points closer towards the Intel Grand Slam.

The crowd at the DreamHack Masters Dallas was not left disappointed, as their home team continued to perform from the start of the CS:GO tournament. Taking only a single defeat from the group stages, Team Liquid was considered a favorite in the upcoming finals. However, ENCE was there to make sure they do not get the silverware without a proper battle. Previously eliminating FaZe Clan in the semi-finals, ENCE proved to be capable of becoming a championship squad.

For those who were spectating from a neutral point of view, disappointment came as teams like Astralis, Vitality, and NRG ended the competition early. Although Astralis has been the dominant force for over a year, I was glad to see a new balance of powers come into the game. Numerous rumors continued to arise as an explanation to the team’s recent form, but only the future games will tell how long will Astralis stay “dethroned.”

Team Liquid CS:GO DreamHack Dallas

How did Team Liquid win the CS:GO DreamHack Masters Dallas?

The first game played ended up going in favor of Team Liquid, as they advanced with a 16-8 win on Mirage. That Liquid possesses exceptional talent was shown during the first half of the game, where Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken reigned with the help of Keith “NAF” Markovic. The individual effort of the players compensated for the doubtful start and carried the team into the second round.


As one-sided the first round turned out to be, the second was uncertain until the closing gaps. When Team Liquid started rushing in on the opposition, it seemed ENCE was up for a crushing defeat on Overpass. However, I was stunned by the astonishing defense the Finns have set up, as they repelled an attack by attack. The individual effort was not enough this time for Team Liquid. The match went to the wire and ENCE progressed to win with the final score with 17-19. Most viewers will probably agree that we were more than happy with the match advancing into round three.

The final round of the competition was settled on Inferno. Team Liquid managed to catch ENCE off guard, crushing them to a score of 10-1. It looked like we are up for a one-horse race, yet, the Finns were not so reluctant to let that happen. The match for the best CS:GO team was still undecided, as both sides put claims on the DreamHack Masters Dallas.

Although they did manage to put resistance, it only ended serving the amusement of the crowds, as Team Liquid has shown to be by far the better side. At certain times, it did seem they are catching up, but nothing affected the final score of 16-13.

Before the Tournament, many have doubted the credibility of Team Liquid, as they could not come to a victory, being second place at nine tournaments in the course of the last 12 months. DreamHack Masters Dallas has put an end to the unsuccessful campaign, and the CS:GO team is off for a fresh beginning.


What’s next for Team Liquid?

Although Team Liquid is the main story, for now, the question on everybody’s mind is; how will Astralis respond to the threat? In order to prove themselves as the best, they will have to go toe to toe with the Danes. An opportunity for this will be at The run to Berlin and at the ESL One Cologne. Being the first North American side to hit the world rankings is a superb achievement, but they have yet to face the greatest.

Until then, I will be looking forward to seeing how will the team progress in the future, as DreamHack Masters Dallas is just a spark for the North American CS:GO contenders. Not to be left unmentioned, ENCE has proven to be a world-class team, by eliminating the previously mentioned Astralis. They should not be overlooked, as the second half of 2019 promises to bring a new shift of powers to the CS:GO hierarchy.


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