ENCE Esports CS:GO Team Profile

ENCE Esports CS:GO Team Profile

A brief history

  • ENCE esports broke onto the scene back in April of 2013, founded by Petri ‘Procyon’ Hamal of Peliligia, Toni ‘Chibulis’ Jarkima of Exelon Gaming and Teemu ‘wabbit’ Hiilinen of SEUL.
  • Immediately following their establishment, ENCE esports would buy out esports team ‘TOOMUCHVIDEOGAMES’ forming their premiere Counter Strike: Global Offensive team. Trouble in paradise saw the team dissolve in just the following month with problematic relations and a fast-changing roster causing too many issues.
  • ENCE esports would make a similar move in September of the same year buying out esports team ‘walla walla wasp wackers’. This team would see greater success however only picking up victories at local LAN’s and small international tournaments.
  • The team would once again struggle with the issues of the past, declining their position in the DreamHack Summer 2014 event ENCE would announce closure of the org in June of the same year.
  • December 2015 saw activity on the ENCE esports Facebook page with a new logo containing the text ‘Coming Soon’. This generated a lot of conspiracy and hype as rumours of ex Ninjas in Pajamas (NIP) player Allu was creating a new fully Finnish Counter Strike: Global Offensive team.

Current state

The rumours in the end turned out the be true as we witnessed the relaunch of ENCE esports headed by Finnish superstar Aleksi ‘Allu’ Jalli. Alongside Allu and composing the rest of the active ENCE esports lineup include: Sam ‘XSeven’ Laasanen, Jere ‘Sergej’ Salo, Jani ‘Aerial’ Jussila and Aleksi ‘Aleksib’ Virolainen.

The current team coach for ENCE esports is Slaava ‘Twista’ Rasanen.

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