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Facts about Team Fnatic

  • Throughout the decade, squad Fnatic has been competing for money, fame, and most importantly, to be the best on the Dota 2’s professional scene. They fought tournament by tournament, went through difficult roster changes, and trained immensely. With that, Fnatic showed courage, endurance, and passion to the world, making it clear what it takes to be best.
  • Dota 2 team Fnatic is currently the best team in the South East Asia region. They’re known for their ups and downs, but never-give-up attitude. Fnatic’s first team was forged on March 30th, 2012. Its roster consisted of N0tail, NoVa, Fly, Era, H4nn1, with Trixi replacing NoVa later on. Unfortunately, the first roster had no success on the Dota 2’s professional scene. In 2014 each and every member left the team, leaving Fnatic with no roster at all.

Team Fnatic Logo.Image credit : Team Fnatic

  • In 2016, just before The International, the team reassembled with a big turnaround. With its brand new roster consisting of DJ, MP, Abed, Jabz, and iceiceice, Fnatic came out as semi-finalists at The International 2016. With this melodic turn of events, Fnatic started gaining recogintion.
  • Not much later, they came out as 5th-6th on premier events such as The Shanghai Major and The Manila Major.  To add to their TI6 success of 1.5 million dollars, this was another $400.000 from both Majors. Squad Fnatic had just started to grow, and it is admirable to see that a team whos first roster disbanded completely in 2014, come back to life as South East Asia’s #1.

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Team Fnatic Today

Since the reforging of the team in 2016, Fnatic’s roster hasn’t aged a day. With DJ leading the team, MP, Abed, iceiceice, and Jabz follow till this very day. Dedication, integrity, sacrifice, but before all, friendship and having fun. They haven’t scored much on the tournaments of today, but these guys are still clawing hard. Here is some info on today’s Fnatic fearsome roles:

  • Support – Djardel “DJ” Mapusti

DJ, who was born in the Philippines on 6th November 1994,  is one mothafukin Shadow Shaman player. The aggressiveness this player radiates is beyond comprehension. His creep denies, dewarding mechanics, and neutral pulls/stacking will make you shiver. He will bust a TP when you least expected, rotate the F out of your gank, making it look like it was an attempt to gradually give your opponents the lead. You don’t W to F with DJ.

Head of the team.

  • Midlane – Abed Azel “Abed” Yusop

Abed was born on August the 2nd, 2000, in the same country as his support-man DJ. Do not mistake his name for asleep type of guy, as he is fierce and brutal as his older compainons. Young Abed had proven himself versus top tear players such as SumaiL, MidOne and even once #1 Solo-MMR-champion, Miracle-. He is a young prowess, but not to be reckoned w/.

  • Offlane – Daryl Pei “iceiceice” Xiang Koh

Ma man iceiceice was born in Singapore on a sunny day on June 17th, in the cold year 1990. The name speaks for itself, iceiceice is down-to-earth, stable, and always looking for a good chill. But when it comes to Dota 2 and Timbersaw, you want to run away, as any tree in Dota always wanted. When iceiceice reaches his Timbersaw, he will cut, slice, and chop you down with no remorse. He is vicious as his hero, better stay out of his way.

Chill-pill of Fnatic.The chill-pill of the team.

  • Carry – Pyo “MP” No-a

MP was born in South Korea on April 16th, on the same year as his #1 support. He ain’t that much of an aggressive style as DJ, but more of a solid balance for the team. With his steadiness and lasting nature, MP provides his team the Mental Protection they need. Zen-master MP ain’t nothin’ to F with.

  • Support – Anucha “Jabz” Jirawong

Jabz was born in Thailand in the month when school starts around the world, on September 22nd, 1998. But the school doesn’t start for this m-fcker. No my young padawans, this guy is a straight professional, born to loot money from an early age. His Dark Willow pick makes you want to quit the game, and his Vengeful Spirit makes you want to make revenge on him every single time.

What is there more to say, team Fnatic are the dawgs straight outta South East Asia with only one thing in mind – to F yo game up.


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