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Natus Vincere is a very successful Esports organization from Ukraine. During these turbulent times in the region, they are holding up really well and are keeping their minds sharp. But just how good are they? Find out in this Natus Vincere team profile!

Also, the name is in Latin, and translates to “Born to win”. So far, they’ve done pretty well to justify the name.

Facts about Natus Vincere

Apart from CSGO, the organization has teams that play various different games:

  • DOTA2

  • FIFA

  • Paladins

  • World of Tanks

  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

  • Rainbow Six Siege

This is the first team ever to win three premier tournaments in a single calendar year – Intel Extreme Masters (IEM), Electronic Sports World Cup, and World Cyber Games 2010. 

After forming in 2009, Natus Vincere didn’t need a lot of time to become relevant and successful.

Initially, in Arbalet Cup 2010 they had poor performance (4th place), so their top player Markeloff decided they should skip ASUS Winter 2010. This is in order to better prepare themselves for Arbalet Cup and Ukrainian qualifications for the ESCW. The decision evidently paid off, as only a few months later, on May 2010, they took the 2nd place on the Arbalet Cup Europe 2010 in Stockholm. They lost to Fnatic in the finals, but it is still a great achievement that got them $10,000 in prize money.

On ESWC Ukraine they also mentioned they were preparing for, Natus Vincere finally ventured off with a huge success. On June 4, 2010, they defeated SK Gaming in the finals and gained their first victory, along with the biggest accolade in history of Ukrainian Esports.

After these victories, they enrolled in a few more tournaments that year. They participated in Arbalet Cup Dallas and GameGune 2010. Beating Mousesports, they took the first place on Arbalet Cup Dallas and received $25,000. At the time, they were the team with the most prize money earned for the year. They also took third place on GameGune 2010 and IEM Shanghai.

On October 4, NaVi became the World Cyber Games champions by defeating in the finals of the event. This made them the first CSGO team in the world that held the three most important events at once – IEM, ESWC, and WCG.

They won many other tournaments as well. After winning DreamHack Winter 2010, they established the $220,000 prize money record for the year. They also won Intel Extreme Masters 5 and had $4,550 deducted from their prize money for breaking the rules.

As time went on, NaVi maintained and improved their performance remarkably. Direct invitations started rolling in, and soon enough they were raking serious money and expanding to other titles.

They are also the team that held the Record prize money in 2010 – they were awarded $215,573 in total, which held the title as the largest prize money per year for a long time.

NaVi DreamHack Winter 2010

Natus Vincere Today

The roster is as follows:

The roster is still holding up well, but the performance is not exactly as it used to be. This is normal, as the roster is getting older and some members will probably have to be replaced soon.

With this in mind, rumor has it that NaVi plans to switch Edward with Kiril “Boombl4″ Mikhailov. Edward is still a good player, but not fast enough anymore. This doesn’t mean his experience is not valuable, and he can still pass on a lot of knowledge to players who plan to improve.
Natus vincere team profile roster
They do not plan on slowing down. They will attend many tournaments in 2019 and will maintain their quality pedigree. With almost 10 years of experience, they definitely know what they’re doing, and it’s only a matter of time before we see another victory taken by the team named “Born to win”. For now, that’s all there is to this Natus Vincere team profile!

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