NaVi csgo team profile

NaVi CS:GO Team Profile

Brief History of NaVi

  • Founded in December of 2009 following the dissolvement of Ukrainian Team KerchNET, Natus Vincere were originally known by the name Arbalet UA based on their early collaboration with well-known esports tournament organizer Murat ‘Arbalet’ Tulemaganbetov.
  • Natus Vincere or NaVi as they are commonly referred to have maintained their position as one of the legends of the game displaying the ability to take home Premiers, Minors and Majors every single year for now what is fast approaching ten years.
  • NaVi’s captain Zeus aswell as teammate Edward have both managed to commit to the team through its inception and into its current active roster, this even involved the transition from CS 1.6 to CS:GO where these superstars were able to prove their worth.
  • Natus Vincere holds the prestigious title of being the first team in Counter Strike to win three major tournaments in a single calendar year! Impressive, but not NaVi’s only big achievement.
  • The amount of money recorded in prize money for 2010 by the Ukrainian superstar team sits at $215,573.00. This figure became and is still the record money earnt in a single year for professional Counter Strike pushing out SK Gaming’s $183,000.00 from 2003 and Fnatic’s $189,000.00 in 2009.
  • HLTV ranked the top 20 Counter Striker Players of 2010 which saw NaVi’s Markeloff come in 1st place, Starix in 4th, Edward in 5th and Zeus picking up ‘Captain of the Year’
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