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Tekkz competing in FIFA

With the FIFA 20 season yet to begin, there have already been a lot of big movements among the pros from one team to the other. Rogue saw their world cup trio dismantled as both Goal Machine and Niklas Raseck parted ways with the Esports organization leaving them searching for new clubs ahead of the 2020 season. However, the largest decision during this period is that Tekkz leaves F2.

Tekkz Parts Ways with F2

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the transfers ahead of the new season has to be the decision of 4 times FUT Champs Cup winner, Tekkz, to leave F2. Tekkz who was unarguably in a class of his own last season despite a painful exit at Worlds announced his decision via social media stating that;

“I will no longer be F2Tekkz! The F2 have decided to pull out of Esports for the time being to focus o their YouTube content so I am officially announcing my departure from them. The last 18 months have flown by in no time…I haven’t decided on the next steps yet so feel free to contact me”

FIFA pro player Tekkz sitting down in black clothes

The move that rocked the FIFA world

In announcing his departure from the F2 Esports organization and making his reason known, Tekkz also put out a public advertisement for his services. The bidding war has begun. While it is still unclear which organization will land the number 1 Xbox player, a lot of people have already started stating their opinions. It is still unknown where he will end up.

Even though there was an exodus at Rogue, I do not see him going there mainly because Msdossary who is an immediate rival on the Xbox is there. Even if Rogue would end up dominating the e-FIFA scene. Other mentions include the Hashtag Clan, FaZe Clan, Vitality and M10. With Tekkz being familiar with the Hashtag crew already, it would not be surprising to see him end up there.

Also, it will be expected of FaZe Clan to be on the front of this bidding war because they are never one to pass up such golden opportunities. Team Vitality probably won’t take him up due to focusing on Europe and France.

Nonetheless, Tekkz could still go to any of the Esports organizations not even mentioned. We will just have to wait for him to make his decision and head right into 2020 season!

After Tekkz leaves F2, where do you think he’ll go? Let us know in the comments below!

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