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In this contemporary age, when we think football, we think Messi or Ronaldo and this ideology lends it itself to the great game of Fortnite as when Fortnite Battle Royal is pronounced, the name Tfue goes along with it. The journey of the best Fortnite Battle Royale player, Tfue is a very interesting one who we’ll talk about in this article!

Who is Tfue?

tfue best fortnite battle royale player

Turney “Tfue” Tenney was born on the 2nd of January 1997 in the Dreamland near the sunny beaches in Florida along with 2 brothers and a sister, Tfue’s brother in an interview stated that he and his siblings where homeschooled as their parents had no faith in the educational system and this development led to a more closer relationship between all siblings that they were already filming their daily lives, creating content around what happened in Florida beaches to just funny videos and Tfue himself went through a phase of competitive skateboarding and skimboarding.

Looking at the early stage of Tfue’s adolescent life, we begin to wonder how exactly did he become the best Fortnite Battle Royale player he is today as he didn’t even play video games till he was 12. This story all began with YouTube, already Tfue’s brother was creating surfing and lifestyle content to his page, which Tfue was a feature in and it was in 2015 that Tfue decided to give YouTube a shot.

He started streaming himself playing games on his channel, he started uploading Call of Duty content and even as a call of duty player, he was very proficient with the rifle, then he started playing the game Destiny, which became a major on his YouTube channel and this is when he got partnered on Twitch and for Tfue this was the exact moment he realized that he was indeed destined for this.

Tfue and his H1Z1 Success

Tfue fortnite gamer pro

Tfue here looking like Logan Paul

And when H1Z1 stormed the gaming world, Tfue also came along with that storm placing fifth in H1Z1’s battle for the crown and his rivalry with Ninja from Luminosity gaming was also something H1Z1 viewers loved to see. Tfue quickly moved onto to PUBG but this game didn’t do his streams the justice that it should have as viewership went down, this situation wasn’t to be for too long as in late 2017, Epic games came into the big picture announcing Fortnite Battle Royale, a much different game with its stand out building mechanics and cartoonish graphics and Tfue was among the 10 million players who hopped on to the bandwagon just two weeks of its release.

And when Tfue began to play Fortnite Battle Royale, in his first game he had made a statement by having 11 kills, a game which would go on to be the foundation of his journey to becoming the best Fortnite Battle Royale player.  By 2018, he broke the records for solo kills with an outstanding 29 kills and he was already bringing in thousands of viewers every stream, his next big break was the game between him and Ninja, Ninja, an already well known frenemy of Tfue back in the days of H1Z1 and also one of the most well-known Fortnite streamers.

The Rise of Tfue – Arguably the Best Fortnite Battle Royale Player Ever!

Tfue best fortnite battle royale player pro gamer

At a time when Ninja was considered a god in the world of fortnite so when Tfue defeated him, it was the best statement he could make at that time. Following Tfue’s fast rise in the best battle royale game, there is, he was signed by Faze Clan, an Esports organization best known for how they make gaming and their players look too cool while crushing it and his twitch plus YouTube subs rose drastically since then.

Along the lines, Tfue has been subject to various controversies from getting banned, selling skins and all other sorts  of issues but none of these stopped Tfue from being the best Fortnite Battle Royale player as in week 2 of Fall Skirmish in 2018,he finished first even though he wasn’t fully fit and two weeks from there in a solo event , he made it a double win and in the last and final week of  the Fall Skirmish, Faze clan duo, Tfue and Cloakzy took the victory at TwitchCon and the premier Esports title was theirs.

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In just one year, Tfue had gone from just a streamer and content creator the best Fortnite battle royal player ever seen, 2018 was indeed his breakthrough year and 2019 is still going well for him although he has focused more on streaming and uploading content than on tournaments themselves.

Tfue and FazeClan – What Happened?

faze clan tfue beef

To tell the story of Tfue without talking about the 20th of May, 2019 would be of  little value as that day itself carved out a new history for the legal world of Esports when Tfue filed a lawsuit against FazeClan and accuse his team of being entitled to as much as 80 per cent of his revenue from third parties, there have been a lot of back and forth responses from all parties involved and it is still unclear how this case is going to play out but none of all these takes away the fact that Turney Tenney Tfue is the best Fortnite battle royale player there is and probably the best there ever will be!

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