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2019 NEST League of Legends

The 2019 National Electronic Sports Tournament(NEST) which holds in Guiyang, China is an annual Chinese tournament featuring a LOL main event with 8 teams out of 15 initial participants in a best of five series progressing to the Quarterfinals.

The teams who made it to the Quarterfinals include Team WE, Bilbili Gaming, Jd Gaming, Topsports Gaming, Edward Gaming, SinoDragon Gaming, Suning Gaming and of course the world champions, Invictus gaming who recently suffered a semifinals knockout at the MSI 2019.

jhin League of legends

Day 1 of this tournament was quite eventful as it saw the quarterfinals of 6 teams out of 8 with Team WE beginning the day going head to head in a best of 3 series with Bilbili Gaming. This game saw team Bilbili take quite a surprise but deserved win from Team WE with Bilbil’s player Geon-mo Kang popularly known as ADD controlling the top lane perfectly well and also an impressive display from Kuro(mid lane player for Bilbili).

The day then went quickly to match 2 which was definitely one to watch as Invictus Gaming took on JD Gaming, the 2018 world champions who had earlier been eliminated from MSI 2019 by team Liquid were looking to get a confidence boost with their B team and they surely did even though game 1 didn’t go their way, they certainly took the fight to JD gaming in game 2 and finished it off in game 3 with bottom lane player, huang feng being a standout. It must be noted that Invictus did not use their actual roster.

Topsports Edward NEST

The last match of the day saw Topsports Gaming taking on Edward Gaming with the latter coming out as the better of the two teams.


Day two of the tournament was bound to see even more heated action as we awaited the last match of the Quarterfinals which was between Sino Dragon Gaming and Suning Gaming while the semifinals between Invictus and Bilblils already confirmed, Edward gaming had to wait as its opponent will be confirmed on Day two.

And Bilbili gaming won Invictus advancing to the finals of the tournament while the latter would settle for a losers finals for 3rd place.  In the end, Sino Dragon, now known as Dominus Esports went on to win Bilbili gaming in the finals and that about wraps up our recap of 2019 NEST!

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