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You’ve probably been around when Fortnite was first introduced and the whole fiasco surrounding PUBG and Fortnite happened. You know, when the creator of PUBG accused Epic Games of stealing his intellectual property (the Battle Royale Game Mode). The whole ordeal was ‘recorded’, per se, on the Internet and now anyone can look that up.

But that’s not the point of this article, however it’s an important fact to mention. See, from the beginning, Epic Games had certain, let’s say, difficulties, trying to push their product into the market. Some gamers agreed with Player Unknown about copyright infringement, whilst others blatantly disregarded his ‘assault’ as baby talk. It’s as if the reaction was a bit of a knee-jerk one due to fear of being overcome. We won’t get too much into this because you could write a book about everything, but the end result is that we have Fortnite in the format it is today, and the future of Fortnite eSports is slowly growing too.

Who would have expected this from such a game? Fortnite’s whole concept revolves around a hundred people killing each other until only one is left alive. How do you even make a tournament with fair prizes, and fair rules? Let’s find out:

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Credit: Epic Games

The future of Fortnite eSports Tournaments

Every single game that has come out with hosting tournaments in mind had its ups and downs. This is nothing unusual; after all, you start organizing a tournament, planning prizes, inviting players, and other activities only to find out that half of the things you did were wrong. So, naturally, next year, you fix those issues and the dream slowly starts becoming reality. Next year, your organization is so good that people applaud you for it, commend you, and respect you, as a game developer and tournament organizer.

This is the exact same path that Fortnite and Epic Games is looking to follow. Their game was released a little over a year ago and has since gained a massive cult following. We’ve seen PUBG players bash Fortnite players and vice-versa on which game is better (akin to the League of Legends and Dota rivalry). Some people might think this isn’t healthy, but you don’t see Saints Row players fighting with GTA players on which game is better.

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I personally think that, if these discussions exist, that means both games are equally great; albeit in a different way.

So, Fortnite and eSports tournaments. Those of you who have been following the Summer Skirmish since it began (we’re in week 6 now) know that this is the biggest attempt at a tournament that Epic Games has made. Taking part in Fortnite eSports has been the dream of many current players and now they finally have a chance of doing so. But, not everything is as great as it seems.

Trouble in Paradise…

Fortnite Summer Skirmish Series Logo

Credit: Epic Games

I can only give commendations and appraisal to Epic Games for hosting this tournament and for finally breaking into the eSports scene, much to the delight of eSports betting fans. They opened up with a crazy tournament and an intriguing idea that was set to bring in even more players. Of course, I’m talking about the “every week another format” idea they had. What this means (for those that aren’t aware or haven’t been paying attention to the tournament) is that, out of 8 weeks, every week has a different tournament format. So, in week 1 we had duos, and in week 5 we have duos again but with a King Pin format.

This is all great, but how did it pan out? Well, disappointingly not very good. Sure, the fun was there, but only for a brief couple of moments. Players experienced loads of lag, disconnects, control unresponsiveness, and various other issues. This caused stress levels to rise and players to lose their grip on the skill due to frustration. Additionally, due to the high-stakes of the tournament, not a lot of people played Fortnite as it was intended (you know, an all-out brawl between a mass of players).

Once out of the Party Bus, contestants would drop in various locations around the map and just sit tight in their forts until an incautious victim would appear.

The tournament is not yet over (we have 3 more weeks left) and there’s been a plethora of problems. Some are even saying that Epic Games are incapable of hosting a proper tournament. I, for one, do not agree with this sentiment and here’s why:

A Ray of Sunshine

If you’ve been an avid MOBA fan and have taken part in either DOTA or LoL, you’ll understand what I mean.

Remember when League of Legends was first introduced and they hosted their first tournament? It was behind closed doors (almost completely) and there were maybe a hundred or so spectators. Live streaming wasn’t a thing back then and Twitch didn’t even exist (it was first released in 2011). The tournament went fine but there were issues, similar to the ones we’ve seen here.

What do I mean by all this?

Epic Games has released their game last year and have already dedicated their funds to creating an amazing eSports journey for many players. $100,000,000 is the number you need to remember. One Hundred Million Dollars. This is the total prize pool that Epic Games prepared for the entirety of the tournaments they’ll be hosting this year. The first year of competitive play. This is an unheard sum for a company that’s just started out with a game that is 1 year old.

In the End…

…Light always appears at the end of the tunnel. And Fortnite is just about to exit the tunnel. There’s no doubt in my mind that Epic Games will fix all of the issues that have been a part of their first year of competitive play. The future is looking very bright and, if this is a sign of things to come – start searching for a coach and get to work!


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Laxius Corva
3 years ago

Fortnite: Battle Royale’s design moves away from the gritty and militaristic tone of PUBG in favour of something more jovial and light-hearted. It’s a game of dumb costumes, silly taunt dances and meme-worthy moments.