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As with all sports, eSports has its fair share of player market transfers as well. LoL eSports transfers are a bit different than real life sports ones, but the core of the process is the same – a player leaves for another team with better options on the table.

This article has been created to show the roundup of all the most notable transfers in September – if there are any!

Some people follow these transfers with great ferocity, knowing about every single one because of their love for the game and the teams (plus, there are those who do it to give themselves an edge in eSports betting). And then there are those who don’t have time to keep track of it all and get surprised when a different player turns up in a team.

Whichever person you are, this article might be helpful in a variety of ways.

For this article, we’ll be talking about League of Legends. In the future, other games will be featured as well, so make sure you visit every now and then for more LoL eSports transfers!

So let’s get started!

September 19th

Invictus Gaming logo_transparentA pretty interesting day for Invictus Gaming as their Bot Laner WXZ (previously known as Principal Wang) decides to retire. WXZ wasn’t in the team for long (having joined on the 17th of August this year) but he still made his contributions. It’s never a good thing to have a player join just to leave a month later. Of course, Invictus Gaming’s main bot laner is JackeyLove and WXZ’s role was as a sub for him.

The decision to leave the team leaves only West who would be able to replace JackeyLove if anything bad happens. In any case, WXZ’s retirement is important to the team, but they won’t fall back on performance just because of it (higher aspirations are at play plus, they’re in this year’s Worlds!).

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That’s basically it for September. Let’s have a look back into August in case you missed something!

August News

Brokenshard resting face with head set

Brokenshard – The new SK Gaming head coach.

Brokenshard joined SK Gaming as head coach. You might remember Brokenshard from his stints in compLexity Gaming, DragonBorns, and Team Dignitas. He was a pretty strong player who preferred Lee Sin to any other champion.

Danan left the managerial role in C9.

Zikz left CLG as head coach with Goldman (previously known as Plop) replacing him as an interim head coach. This might have an effect on CLG as time goes by but we’ll have to wait and see.

Expect joined Fnatic as a sub (smart move there Fnatic!).

The transfer list has been pretty quiet, at least when it comes to big LoL eSports transfers. Not a lot has been happening lately but as soon as World’s is over, we’ll see the reshuffling of many teams (depending on player performances in the tournament).


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