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Zarya's Ultimate Overwatch

Overwatch is a fun game to play until someone catches you with the powerful Zarya’s Ultimate, Graviton Surge. Zarya’s ultimate is such a powerful tool in the game that can particularly change the tide of the game. Moreover, the ultimate, if timed correctly, can destroy your off-guarded opponent in Overwatch. But how do you time it accurately?

Zarya's Ultimate

Credits: Blizzard

A showcase was displayed by Overwatch Open Division player MyCrazyCat who used Anubis second point to time the Graviton Surge accurately. It was a hard job at first but then, what’s the point of having your a professional?

Watch ugc tournament from mylazycat on www.twitch.tv

Clearly evident from the video above (Skip to 20:40 and watch for a few seconds before it starts), MyCrazyCat was able to grab the entire opponent team when he timed his ultimate correctly on Zarya. These small plays in the professional gaming can change the course of the game in the matter of seconds.


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