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The Weeknd signs partnership with Canadian eSports franchise.

Music celebrity Abel Tesfaye, who is known by millions around the world by his artistic name The Weeknd, signs partnership with Canadian eSports franchise OverActive Media. While announcing to the world his co-ownership, The Weeknd lets everyone know that he’s a big fan of the gaming-industry.

He believes that video-games can enhance the development of the brain, as much as music can heal the human’s soul. This is one of the main reasons for Abel Tesfaye’s collaboration with OverActive Media. By his words, he’s excited by the innovative results it can bring.

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The Weekend signs partnership with the owner company of Splyce League of Legends team, and Overwatch'steam Toronto Dormant

Photo courtesy of Splyce and Toronto Dormant

OverActive Media are the owner company of the League of Legends’ team Splyce, and their hometown’s Overwatch team Toronto Defiant. With this partnership signed, OverActive Media presents Abel Tesfaye as their first-ever „global ambassador” for both of their teams.

With The Weeknd being Toronto’s native, a globally recognized artist, and a passionate gamer himself, there is no doubt in the collaboration’s success. Additional to the collab, vice president of OverActive Media announced that in the following months they plan to deliver a variety of content opportunities, as well on social media and in person.

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OverActive Media
also covers other fields in the gaming industry. Such as Call of Duty World League, StarCraft, Rocket League, and even Smite. And lastly, it’s noteworthy to mention that the Canadian eSports franchise company is one of five organizations around the globe with indefinite slots in both League of Legends and Overwatch League.

While The Weeknd signs partnership with OverActive Media, the eSports industry grows on other fields as well. 1 Billion Market Industry Welcomes Telemundo Deportes.

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