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Is it just me or are most bookies turning towards eSports rather than physical sports? Sure, some have a wide assortment of betting choices for plenty of different sports, but did you notice how most of the reputable ones from the past feature eSports bets? It’s true! You can visit any bookmaker of today that is respected and trusted and you’ll see an eSports section.

For example, visiting the official TipBet betting website will show you the same thing: an eSports section for eSports enthusiasts!

eSports betting has become a pretty big part of the entire eSports scene, so it’s no surprise that bookmakers around the world are joining the fray. And, it’s my job to review these bookies! Up next, the review of TipBet.

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TipBet Review | Possible Betting Options

As far as betting on TipBet goes, you won’t be disappointed. The betting itself is rather smooth and fast, and there are plenty of betting options. For example, you might be interested in placing bets for the group winner of a tournament, or maybe the map choice. It all depends on the game itself, as well as the tournament in question, but TipBet definitely has enough betting options to satisfy everyone’s needs.

There are also last-minute bets which are helpful when you’re a bit late to the party. But, as you could have guessed, the most popular bets are those which are simple and straightforward (in the case of CSGO currently since there’s a tournament, the outright winner is most common).

Esports betting categories as seen on tipbet website

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There are currently 4 eSports possibilities in play. The list may expand in the future so be sure to visit their official betting website often for updates! As for right now, you can bet on CSGO, DotA, League of Legends, and StarCraft II.

Available Payment Methods at TipBet

TipBet, similarly to bookies that are some of the greatest in the world, also supports many different payment options. Currently (and I say currently because, who knows, maybe there’s gonna be more later on?), there are 8 supported payment methods.

Deposit Methods as shown on tipbet

Courtesy TipBet

These include Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Skrill, PaysafeCard, Neteller, ecoPayz, and SoFort Uberweisung. This is usually all you need when you’re an eSports bookmaker since most of the eSports betting and eSports playing enthusiasts use these payment methods.

Withdrawal Methods as shown on tipbet

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Besides, TipBet focuses on multiple fronts; physical sports such as football, rugby, baseball, tennis are present. Racing (motorsport) is there as well, and the newest addition is eSports. This means that they aim for versatility instead of being the best of one category. Instead, they are amazing at every category! Here’s what I mean by this:

Quick-Responding Customer Support

As with any eSports bookie review, I go through the customer support part of their website as a means to find out just how good it is. I had to wait a full 10 seconds for them to respond! Unbelievable!

Contact Us form as seen on the TipBet website

Courtesy TipBet

Okay, okay, I’m joking. Ten seconds is lightning fast. Their live agent responded to some other questions as well with complete honesty which is a big plus. If you ever run into unplanned issues while betting on TipBet, you can be sure that they’ll help you out to the best of their ability.

Live chat widget as seen on the tip betwebsite

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And believe me, their abilities are vast. This isn’t a betting website that hires random people just so they can ‘say’ they have a customer support system in place. This is a betting website that takes care of their customers and visitors. Part of their success can be attributed to how they respond to customer inquiries and questions. So, customer support score? I give it a 10/10!

TipBet Review | Betting Licences

Well, here’s to TipBet for being transparent and fully licensed. It’s unfortunate that we have to deal with illegitimate bookmakers because they ruin the image set by trusted ones, but it’s just how the world works.

Logo of the malta gaming authority

Luckily, there are plenty of those that really focus on getting all the necessary paperwork so they don’t have to evade the rules and get into trouble. TipBet is one of those bookmakers and all their licence info is listed on the website. Just by a quick glance we can see that TipBet is based in the Republic of Malta. Thus, it falls under their jurisdiction. TipBet’s licence was granted on 1st August 2018 and is valid until 4th October 2025. This means that, during the 7 following years, they have full allowance to operate.

This is important because it contributes to the legality and trust of an eSports betting website such as TipBet.

My Experience Betting on TipBet

Placing bets and figuring out what is where on the website is rather easy on TipBet. The design of the website is pretty clean; there are no explosive elements that take your focus away and the menu is straightforward as well; a simple line menu with clickable elements.

As for the betting itself, there were no issues. I was able to place my bets with ease and checking the betting options is great because it’s all in a small little area. This basically enables you to see everything that’s relevant to your chosen game without having to scroll too much.

Customer support was, as I said before, flawless and it’s obvious that any problems encountered on the website will be solved as fast as possible.

I recommend this bookmaker for all the reasons I mentioned above, and I’m certain you’ll have a great time there as well!

TipBet Home Page

Courtesy TipBet

Figuring Out Where your Favorite eSports Bets are on TipBet

You won’t be wasting time trying to find where the eSports bets are because, well, the button to go there is very visible. If you visit the website and look at the top side, you’ll find a list of possible betting choices (Sports betting, live betting, eSports).

Simply click that and the website will take you to the eSports betting section. Now, when you’re already there, a new menu will appear beneath the one on top. It contains some helpful buttons such as highlights, favorites, and statistics. All of these can enhance your betting experience and it’s great seeing them there!

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