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top 10 best csgo skins

Who doesn’t like having an amazing gun skin to show off? We count down the top 10 best CSGO skins 2019!

There’s just something so, let’s say prestigious in owning a weapon skin in CSGO. Sure, it doesn’t influence gameplay or give you an unfair advantage, but it’s still special. This is true for all games that have cosmetics. Pull out your StatTrak AWP and give out headshots like it was nothing!

So, let’s not waste time any more on this intro and get to the point! Here are the top 10 best CSGO skins 2019!
Note: The list is in no particular order.

Top 10 Best CSGO Skins 2019

10. AK-47 Fire Serpent

  • Estimated Price: 200-1,250 Euros
  • Quality: Battle-Scarred (200e), Well-Worn (280e), Field-Tested (310e), Minimal Wear (550e), Factory New (1,250e)
  • Collection: The Bravo Collection

The Fire Serpent CSGO skin is one of the less expensive ones on this list but it has risen in value over the years. It was released way back in 2013 and getting a factory new version without StatTrak would set you back a whopping 1,250 euros!

ak47 fire serpent csgo skin

Fiery danger noodle on an AK47

The battle-scared version costs a ‘meager’ 200 euros. If you want the StatTrak version, well, be prepared to dish out more than 550 euros for any version (with the field-tested costing a huge 1,100 euros).

The AK-47 Fire Serpent CSGO skin featuers a green snake-like creature and some blue clouds around it. The serpent mainly stays whole even when degradation happens. A pretty cool gun that belongs in our top 10 best csgo skins list!

9. M4A4 Howl

  • Estimated Price: 1,400 Euros
  • Quality: Field-Tested (1,400e)
  • Collection: Weapon marked as Contraband; unavailable except through trading or CSGO keys

If you love canines of any sort, you’ll absolutely love the Howl skin. It comes with a beautiful color scheme of black and red; an aggressive choice. This isn’t surprising considering there’s a damn wolf on it!

m4a4 howl best csgo skins 2019

It might not howl at the moon but it looks good, right?

The skin was created back in 2014 but has went through a redesign. Unfortunately, the original skin was changed due to art theft. However, it arguably looks better now (cleaner design and better integration with the gun).

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The skin is available only by trading with other players or through the use of CSGO keys. This has caused its price to skyrocket and getting a field-tested version will set you an insane 1,400 euros (as it’s the only version available for purchase with money).

8. AWP Dragon Lore

  • Estimated Price: 970 Euros
  • Quality: Battle-Scarred (970e); Full quality spectrum available with CSGO keys
  • Collection: The Cobblestone Collection

Ahh the Dragon Lore AWP. One of the most popular CSGO skins that the community has known of, the Dragon Lore AWP definitely deserves a place on the top 10 best CSGO skins 2019 list! Getting a factory new Dragon Lore is impossible unless you dish out 500 CSGO keys.

AWP Dragon Lore CSGO Weapon skin

It’s an AWP and it’s a dragon; what more do you want?

Arguably, not too bad. You could get a battle-scarred version for 970 euros but this skin is by no means cheap. Reasonably so; the design is wonderful, clean, and incredibly iconic. A dragon spewing fire in front of him but not too much. Everything is so perfectly balanced, as all things should be (thanks Thanos).

7. M9 Bayonet Crimson Web

  • Estimated Price: 220-740 Euros
  • Quality: Battle-Scarred (275e), Well-Worn (220e), Field-Tested (250e), Minimal Wear (740e), Factory New (unavailable except with CSGO keys)
  • Collection: None

If owning colorful and kinda scary knives is your forte, you’ll love the Crimson Web skin for the M9 Bayonet. There’s one negative to it though – you can’t get it factory new (well, you can but either through BitSkins where it costs a massive 4,400 euros, or with 2200 CSGO keys).

M9 Bayonet Crimson Web CSGO skin 2019

Poke your enemis with this Soviet… I mean Crimson Web Bayonet!

The price difference from battle-scarred to field-tested is almost non-existent (275, 220, 250 euros respectively) so if you want a slightly better looking one – just buy it as it’s cheaper!


The finish style on this skin is hydrographic and it’s been around for 6 years (first released in August 2013). There are also StatTrak version but they’re a hundred euros more expensive than their regular counterparts.

6. Five-SeveN Hyper Beast

  • Estimated Price: 12-65 Euros
  • Quality: Battle-Scarred (12e), Well-Worn (12e), Field-Tested (15e), Minimal Wear (25e), Factory New (65e)
  • Collection: The Operation Hydra Collection

The Five-SeveN skin is insanely colorful. Hyper Beast looks more like graffiti than anything else but this by no means makes it bad! On the contrary, the style chosen is perfect for this gun. On top of that, this is one of the cheapest skins on our top 10 best CSGO skins you can get in 2019!

Five Seven Hyper Beast Weapon skin CSGO

Now this thing looks badass.

The factory new version costs just over 60 euros with the most expensive version being the factory new StatTrak (which costs around 630e; expensive!). And, if you don’t want to pay as much, the field-tested version gives you the best value (only 3 euros more expensive than the battle-scared one).

The Hyper Beast custom paint job is a great starting CSGO skin if collecting cosmetics in this game is something you’re interested in.

5. Karambit Case Hardened

  • Estimated Price: 330-1,200 Euros
  • Quality: Battle-Scarred (330e), Well-Worn (335e), Field-Tested (380e), Minimal Wear (410e), Factory New (1,200e)
  • Collection: None

Who doesn’t like a gorgeous Karambit skin, right? Karambit’s are some of the most sought for knives in CSGO. Let alone their skins.

In the case of the case hardened (pun intended) Karambit CSGO skin, the creator went for an interesting style. Still, it might be a tad expensive for a knife but hey – It’s a damn Karambit skin that looks awesome!

Karambit Case Hardened 2019 Skin

Fancy knife; Fancy skin – for hardened CSGO veterans

A factory new option is the most expensive at around 1,200 euros. For best value, go for the well-worn version. 330 euros (you can even find it for cheaper) for a Karambit that’s been case-hardened through the use of wood charcoal at some high temperatures (that’s the description for it at least). In any case, the Karambit skin pictured here is an expensive CSGO skin, even in 2019!

4. AK-47 The Empress

  • Estimated Price: 35-125 Euros
  • Quality: Battle-Scarred (35e), Well-Worn (40e), Field-Tested (45e), Minimal Wear (65e), Factory New (125e)
  • Collection: The Spectrum 2 Collection

The Empress is an interesting skin. Its design is not really clear when you first look at it, but on second viewing – it’s kind of mesmerizing. The Empress is a relatively new skin having been released in September 2017. Nonetheless, it has already gained recognition and has made its way to our top 10 best CSGO skins 2019 list!

AK47 The Empress CSGO Weapon Skin

All you’re missing with this CSGO skin is the Emperor (whatever that might be)

The factory new quality is just beautiful and I think you’d do this skin an injustice by getting anything less than that. Kidding of course, The Empress is the empress no matter which skin quality you choose.


The prices are okay as well, with StatTrak options open too. StatTrak version go from 85 euros (battle-scared) to 490 euros for factory new. Keep in mind, however, that the factory new quality is almost triple the price of the minimal wear one.

3. AWP Medusa

  • Estimated Price: 800-1,150 Euros
  • Quality: Battle-Scarred (800e), Well-Worn (860e), Field-Tested (1,150e); Full quality spectrum available with CSGO keys
  • Collection: The Gods and Monsters Collection

The Gorgon is there to stop your future from happening. Her gaze is stonecold (heh) and the AWP skin embodies that pretty well. A dark-themed CSGO skin with a medusa head at the back of the gun. Her scaly friends/hair expand towards the front. A spooky skin!

AWP Medusa CSGO Skins 2019

Your enemies might not turn to stone when looking at you, but they will turn to dust after a headshot!

It’s not cheap either; 800 euros for a battle-scarred version and around 1,200 euros for the factory new quality. The skin has been released in 2015 and is part of the Gods and Monsters Collection. Valve themselves released this skin so they probably know what they’re doing. It is one of the most expensive CSGO skins in 2019!

2. P90 Emerald Dragon

  • Estimated Price: 40-140 Euros
  • Quality: Battle-Scarred (50e), Well-Worn (60e), Field-Tested (40e), Minimal-Wear (45e), Factory New (140e)
  • Collection: The Bravo Collection

The final 2 of our top 10 best CSGO skins 2019 list are cosmetic items that aren’t expensive. Cheap and gorgeous-looking. What more could you want?

P90 Emerald Dragon weapon skin CSGO

Hey another CSGO dragon skin! I wonder what that means?

Back on topic! So, the Emerald Dragon. It’s not always you find a gun you personally like but gee, do I love this one. There’s just something about the design itself which makes it fit really well. The gun is kinda spherical and wild lines are everywhere and so is the skin. You’ll be able to get a battle-scarred quality version for just around 50 eur and a factory new will cost you around 140. However, the field-tested version costs less than 40 euros so that is the best value you can get.

There are also StatTrak options, most of which linger around the 100-150e zone except the factory new version that costs 875e!

This skin is part of the Operation Bravo Case and The Bravo Collection too.

1. AK-47 Case Hardened

  • Estimated Price: 35-95 Euros
  • Quality: Battle-Scarred (35e), Well-Worn (40e), Field-Tested (45e), Minimal Wear (60e), Factory New (95e)
  • Collection: The Arms Deal Collection

The final skin from our top 10 best CSGO skins 2019 list we’re going to talk about is the case hardened AK-47. Mind you, this skin doesn’t have an outrageous design or anything of the sort.

AK47 Case Hardened CSGO Skin


It’s quite simple, frankly. Just a slight recolor that gives it a nice colorful shine. It’s pretty cheap as well – going for around 35 euros for a battle-scarred quality skin, all the way to 90-odd something euros for a factory new skin.

The StatTrak also exists but is marginally more expensive (apart from the factory new version which costs 380e). Overall, this skin is cool if you want your gun hardened (and fancy!).

What do you think about these skins? Are there any others you like more? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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