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When I say the top 10 biggest prize pool Esports games 2019, I don’t mean listed by biggest prize pool per tournament. What I mean with this is overall prize pool amount (combined from all the tournaments). Esports is huge nowadays! Pro players spend most of their day training with the team, figuring out new tactics, strengthening weaknesses, and dreaming of global success. But on top of it all, they are rewarded with pretty hefty prizes and eternal fame. Win a tournament, stay noted down in history as the winners. Simple as that!

But which Esports games are absolute leaders in the category of total prize pool amounts? Well, I’m guessing you already know, but number #1 might surprise you if you don’t follow all Esports games closely so you can compare.

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Biggest Prize Pool Games 2019 Table of Contents

Top 10 Biggest Prize Pool Esports Games 2019

10. Hearthstone

  • Total Prize Pool in 2019: $3,051,617
  • Total Number of Pro Players in 2019: 368
  • Total Number of Esports Tournaments in 2019: 27
  • Largest Hearthstone Tournament Prize Pool in 2019: $1,000,000 (Hearthstone World Championship 2019)

hearthstone logo Esports game It’s so nice seeing Hearthstone on an Esports related list, especially one such as the biggest prize pool games 2019 list. There is constant talk on whether or not Hearthstone is dying but seeing this makes my eyes light up. I’ve loved Hearthstone, even with its flaws, but have sadly stopped playing. The game is still at large; having recently hosted the Hearthstone World Championship with a hefty prize pool.


Hearthstone has also been receiving relatively constant updates that bring new content, flavor, game fixes, nerfs, buffs, and everything else neatly packed. It shows that Blizzard still cares about the game, even though its far from the showstoppers in this list. Nonetheless, Hearthstone continues to impress and with nearly 400 professional players participating in 27 tournaments this year – the future is looking bright.

9. Rainbow 6 Siege

  • Total Prize Pool in 2019: $3,403,459
  • Total Number of Pro Players in 2019: 500
  • Total Number of Esports Tournaments in 2019: 44
  • Largest Rainbow 6 Siege Tournament Prize Pool in 2019: $2,000,000 (Six Invitational 2019)

Rainbow 6 Siege logo prize pools Esports 2019It’s as if wherever you go in Esports, Rainbow 6 Siege comes up in one way or another. A couple of months ago, it was the subject of controversy; insane amounts of toxicity in chat, racism, and general hatred. The devs have done an average job rendering and stopping this, yet the game is still very much alive. So what’s the story?


Honestly, R6S is such a fun game that most players simply overlook these issues. Or they ignore the chat. And as long as the game is interesting to play, it will continue to be existent in Esports. On top of that, its Esports scene is a bit richer than Hearthstone’s with around 500 players going to 44 tournaments over the course of 2019. It makes complete sense for one of the biggest prize pool games 2019 to find itself to our list. And hey – multiplayer games never have flaccid and nice chats; it’s just how the world works right now.

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  • Total Prize Pool in 2019: $4,891,960
  • Total Number of Pro Players in 2019: 800
  • Total Number of Esports Tournaments in 2019: 42
  • Largest PUBG Tournament Prize Pool in 2019: $2,000,000 (PUBG Global Championship 2019)

pubg biggest prize pool games 2019 logoWith the appearance of Apex Legends and a fresh take on Battle Royale games, most people thought PUBG’s Esports scene would fizzle out. However, what many haven’t expected at the time was Apex Legends’ absolute flop with microtransactions and lack of game updates. This (along with other factors) kept PUBG afloat while the public eye shifted to Apex Legends (in critique form). The evidence is there – PUBG is here to stay.


With 300 more players than R6S in 2019, and slightly less tournaments to choose from, it is clear that the PUBG Esports scene is still very much alive. It also helps that PUBG is available on mobile and we all know some people can’t live a day without playing their favorite game. Topping it all off is the PUBG Global Championship with an impressive 2 million dollar prize pool. What does the future bring? We don’t know yet, but let’s hope for the sake of all Esports that it follows an upwards trajectory.

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7. League of Legends

  • Total Prize Pool in 2019: $5,131,004
  • Total Number of Pro Players in 2019: 1,454
  • Total Number of Esports Tournaments in 2019: 113
  • Largest League of Legends Tournament Prize Pool in 2019: $1,000,000 (Mid-Season Invitational 2019); Disclaimer: 2019 World Championship yet to happen (prize pool will be bigger than MSI2019)

League of Legends logoNow here’s the first game that kind of went downwards in quality and size of its Esports scene. League of Legends was once at the top, right there with Dota 2 (arguably even larger). Over the years, players have left, resigned, or simply switched to another game. The LoL community is not terribly happy with how Riot Games has been dealing with certain issues (such as unlawful banning of players). We can clearly see the fallout from this. League of Legends has the third-most active pro players in 2019 and a great number of tournaments, yet its prize pool isn’t large.


Of course, this doesn’t define a game, but if you took a look at the past, you’d see it’s a bit worse now than it was before. However, one saving grace that will surely move LoL upwards in our biggest prize pool games 2019 list is the upcoming 2019 World Championship. There’s slim info available about the tournament itself so we can’t even make a guess. Though it will definitely be the largest League of Legends tournament in 2019, including prize pool size. So think of League of Legend’s #7 spot in this list as temporary!

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6. Arena of Valor

  • Total Prize Pool in 2019: $5,473,783
  • Total Number of Pro Players in 2019: 228
  • Total Number of Esports Tournaments in 2019: 15
  • Largest Tournament Prize Pool in 2019: $2,166,994 (Honor of Kings World Champions Cup 2019)

Arena of Valor logoTo most Esports fans, Arena of Valor is nothing more than a League of Legends copycat. It looks the same, feels the same, plays the same, and is… generally the same. Or so people say. In my mind, this is a unique game in its own right with similarities to League. However, here’s the thing – it’s the only mobile game on the biggest prize pool games 2019 list!


For a mobile game, this is a massive success. To outperform some of the most beloved and popular Esports games today is a tall order; yet AoV achieved it. Sure, its number of tournaments isn’t impressive and the number of active pro players is lackluster as well, but the overall picture is positive. And that’s not an understatement. Almost 5.5 million dollars in prize money during 2019, and we’re not even done with the year! What else can Arena of Valor provide until 2019 finishes – we will have to wait and see.

5. Overwatch

  • Total Prize Pool in 2019: $5,551,298
  • Total Number of Pro Players in 2019: 1,010
  • Total Number of Esports Tournaments in 2019: 46
  • Largest Tournament Prize Pool in 2019: $3,500,000 (Overwatch League – 2019 Playoffs)

overwatch logoIt’s everyone’s favorite fast-paced shooter! Overwatch turned heads when it was originally released and it’s turning heads now as well. The thing about Overwatch is its unpredictability; one team might completely smash the opposition during the first quarter or half of the season, and could fail immensely in the second one. Another appealing side of Overwatch are its franchises. Similarly to the NBA, Overwatch teams hail from different cities and participate under a combination of the city’s name & a noun/adjective (Los Angeles & Valiant make ‘Los Angeles Valiant’).


The Esports side of Overwatch is awesome as well, with more than a thousand players taking part in 2019’s competitive season. There are around 40-50 tournaments but the most vigorously watched is OWL (Overwatch League). Almost year-long, non-stop, action-packed matches are a treat to see so its no wonder Overwatch ranks so highly in our biggest prize pool games 2019 list!

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4. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

  • Total Prize Pool in 2019: $6,514,307
  • Total Number of Pro Players in 2019: 342
  • Total Number of Esports Tournaments in 2019: 37
  • Largest Tournament Prize Pool in 2019: $2,000,000 (CWL Championship 2019)

Call of Duty Black Ops IV logoCoD: Black Ops 4 is the youngest entry on this list. The game came out less than a year ago (October 2018) and has already climbed the Esports ranks. Honestly, it is both surprising and refreshing to see a game achieve such great prominence in Esports. Who would have thought that a Call of Duty game (in this day and age) would grow so much over such a short span of time. Personally, I haven’t followed many CoD: Black Ops 4 Esports tournaments but hey, this might just push me to see more of them.


As far as the game’s Esports competitive scene is concerned – a nice number of tournaments and a good number of active pro players makes this CoD extremely relevant. Doing better in terms of total prize pool money than even Overwatch and LoL (although probably temporarily), Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is looking to be a true contender for the biggest prize pool games 2019 throne in the future.

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  • Total Prize Pool in 2019: $11,800,867
  • Total Number of Pro Players in 2019: 2,905
  • Total Number of Esports Tournaments in 2019: 421
  • Largest Tournament Prize Pool in 2019: $1,000,000 (Multiple Tournaments throughout the year)

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csgo game logo 2019The CSGO Esports world is relentless. For the past couple of years, Astralis has been the Goliath and everyone else was David. It took such a long time for a team to dethrone them that I was afraid people would stop watching CSGO Esports because of the monotony. Yet once the gates were finally opened, all hell broke lose. In 2019, there were loads of different winners. The end of 2018 looked grim as Astralis won 5 of the 9 S-Tier tournaments, starting from September. This year though, Astralis has won a tournament just once up until September (IEM XIII Katowice Major 2019).


And being the most famous First Person Shooter in the world with many different iterations (CS1.6 shoutout that started it all), CSGO is fully capable of thriving in the Esports scene. Out of all Esports games in this biggest prize pool games 2019 list, CSGO has the most active pro players at nearly 3,000 and the most tournaments hosted in 2019 at 421. If anyone thought CSGO doesn’t have elite status in Esports, here’s your proof. May it continue!

2. Dota 2

  • Total Prize Pool in 2019: $43,373,966
  • Total Number of Pro Players in 2019: 1,003
  • Total Number of Esports Tournaments in 2019: 132
  • Largest Tournament Prize Pool in 2019: $34,330,068

Dota 2 logo largest esports prize pools 2019Dota 2’s The International 2019 was the most anticipated Esports event this year. We all know how this tournament gets its prize money; a ‘minor part’ of the prize pool ($1,600,000) is allocated by Valve initially. The full prize pool grows with each Battle Pass sale and this year, it reached a total of almost 34.5 million dollars! This basically means Dota 2 fans have ‘donated’ the major part of the prize pool. And with that amount of dedication and love for a game, you can have everything.


So it comes as no surprise that Dota 2 is near the top of this list, only beaten by Fortnite and Epic Games’ insane decision to give out so much in prize money. Dota 2 is a game that is backed by a rich history and detailed lore. Arguably, it is the best in both of these categories. Watching this game evolve for 16 years has been extraordinary. It is debatable whether or not such a title will repeat in the future, maybe even beat Dota & Dota 2, but it is not even important. This game is, and for that, I salute it.

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As Invoker would say: “I am a beacon of knowledge blazing out across a black sea of ignorance!”. Yep, no other Esports game’s gonna have this perfect world that Dota has.

1. Fortnite

  • Total Prize Pool in 2019: $54,815,883
  • Total Number of Pro Players in 2019: 2,093
  • Total Number of Esports Tournaments in 2019: 249
  • Largest Tournament Prize Pool in 2019: $15,287,500 (Fortnite World Cup Finals – Solo); $15,100,000 (Fortnite World Cup Finals – Duos)

fortnite logoLove it or hate it, Fortnite has without a doubt taken the world by storm. From its ‘humble’ beginnings to becoming a behemoth in the Esports scene over the course of two years. It shows that Epic Games is doing something right. And who wouldn’t want to participate in Fortnite’s Esports tournaments when you’ve got the largest prize pool (combined) ever recorded in Esports. Only Dota 2’s The International takes the cake as far as single tournament winnings are concerned, but everything else – is Fortnite’s.


More than two thousand active pro players in 250 tournaments in 2019 and you’ve got the most abrupt growth of an Esports game in history! Epic Games have created an infamous game; one that so many people loathe, but also one that so many people adore. Whatever your stance on Fortnite is, this game has changed the Esports world for good. It is reminiscent of League of Legends in its prime, and I’d argue Fortnite is yet to reach its. The number one spot on our biggest prize pool games 2019 list is completely deserved. Respect.

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