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tomb raider best video game boobies

With gaming becoming more and more popular and it’s player base growing , it is expected to have at least a couple of games that are eye catching with their nude content. And even more so, as we know that sex sells, video gaming companies know that as well and try to use that to their advantage to make something that will boost their sales and at the same time make someone blush. Here is a list of the best video game boobies you could play and enjoy wasting your time on.

Which Video Games Have the Best Boobies?

15. Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball

With Team Ninja deciding to make a game based on beach volleyball, they focused their energy to try to make it as realistic as possible. They achieved this by devoting a whole department to studying breast physics and accurately making them beautiful.

14. The Guy Game

best video game boobies the guy game

This game is a multiplayer trivia game that was based on answering questions, and the more questions you answer right the more revealing videos of young women stripping you could see. This was the only game released by Top Heavy Studios and was rekt by critics for focusing only on nude content and little else.

13. Boob-Grabbing Simulator (for Oculus Rift)

As a piece of an emerging technology it was expected that Oculus Rift would be used for something sexual. Combining the Rift with a few pressure sensors, this is a game that boob lovers would definitely expect open-handedly.

12. Prince of Persia

kaileena prince of persia boobs

Kaileena, one of the characters in this game has potentially one of the best video game boobies. Known as the Empress of Time, she has perfectly made boobies for an empress and is sure using them to good purpose.

11. Tomb Raider

tomb raider best boobies in games

As the main character in Tomb Raider, Lara Croft catches the eye thanks to wonderful and masterfully-made boobies that will make your jaw drop. Even though you wouldn’t expect something like that in a Tomb Raider game, you got it and it isn’t bad at all.

10. Soulcalibur

ivy valentine soul calibur boobies

Ivy Vallentine is one of the characters in the fighting game series. But, unlike all the other characters, she is recognizable and iconic for her big breasts, revealing clothing and sexy silver hair.

9. Dragon Quest

dragon quest sorceress game boobies

Described as one of the more supporting characters in the game, Sorceress has a breathtaking look and is so sexy that you would like to play with her even though she is a supporting character. And in the end, she definitely has one of the best video game boobies that you would love to see.

8. Mortal Kombat

jade mortal kombat

Source: Reddit (theincubuslord)

In this fighting game series there are a few beautiful boobies to see. The character Jade for sure is carrying the most beautiful of them. She is shown as a dark-skinned female assassin wearing a green skin-tight uniform.

7. Metal Gear Solid V

MGS5 Quiet

In this game Quiet is the most beautiful character. A female assassin defeated by Venom Snake in the 1980s, she is known for wearing a minimal amount of clothing because she could only drink and breathe through her skin. Surely something to look forward to seeing, a beautiful character wearing as little as possible.

6. Resident Evil

As the daughter of the former president of the US, you would expect her to be beautiful. Ashley Graham surely is that and more. Very sexy and with great boobies, this is one of the better characters to see and enjoy during this pretty scary game.

5. Bayonetta

bayonetta video game boobies

Wearing only a skin-tight black catsuit at all times, you won’t be able to take your eyes off her. And with the best video game boobies, she definitely deserves to bear the mark of the selling point of this action game.

4. Playboy: The Mansion

playboy special best video game boobies

The name of the game says it all. You play as Hugh Hefner in his prime and try to reach the commercial success that Playboy has today. With lots of girls and boobies, this game will get your attention and keep you playing for a while.

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BMX XXX Best game boobies

A game focused on driving BMX bikes. But that’s not all, you are a woman and you drive the bikes naked. Interesting game with a lot of nudity in it. Worth a try if you like to see some good boobies, for sure.

2. Lollipop Chainsaw

lollipop chainsaw boobies

A game that is selling mostly thanks to nudity and sex appeal, with the main character Juliet Starling wearing a cheerleader outfit and showing off her body during fights with hordes of zombies. Even though it is a zombie game, almost the entirety of the promotional content for this game was based on ass and boobies.

1. Yakyuken Special

yakyuken special boobies

The video game version of a famous Japanese game, this is essentially strip rock-paper-scissors, where winning is rewarded with a poorly shot video of a Japanese woman taking her clothes off to cheesy music.


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