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Your jumpmaster wants to land in Skull Town. “Uhh, su-sure..” you think. Skull Town has great loot but it’s a hotspot for squads. Maybe it would have been best if he’d chosen another landing spot. After all, you don’t need to get the most kills; only to survive. “Huh okay, three squads around us, it’s getting crowded”. You detach and land a bit farther from your team. Enter the first building – a choke, energy ammo, and an arc star. Not that good of a drop.

Suddenly – “Mozambique here!”. Well, it’s a gun so better than nothing. You run to get the Mozambique, pick it up, some syringes too. You turn around and there’s an enemy Wraith mowing you down with a Peacekeeper.

squad eliminated

Image Credit: DaH0n3ybadger (XboxClips)

Tough luck. But it’s not all down to the jumpmaster. Sometimes, you just don’t have enough luck with weapons whilst others do. It’s the circle of life in Apex Legends which is why I prefer to jump later. Usually survival time is longer.

However, once you get going and gather some loot, which guns should you stick with – or search for if you don’t have. This 5 best Apex Legends guns list will help you understand which guns are a cut above the rest. For example, avoid the Mozambique at all costs. Unless you want to die (or are crazy good at the game). Nope the F*** out of there!

5. G7 Scout

g7 scout apex legends

The G7 Scout is a personal favorite but it is also one of the better guns in Apex Legends. This is a sniper. And this sniper is pretty versatile. The stock version without any addons isn’t so great since it is a sniper rifle and you don’t get optics immediately. However, once you deck it out with attachments, it can cause havoc in the battlefield. Accurate, solid damage, and a pretty quick rate of fire make the G7 Scout a great gun. It usually works best during early game and a bit into mid, but isn’t strong enough to keep entirely (as there are more powerful options due to circle size shrinking).

g7 scout pattern

All in all, if you find a G7 Scout soon after the drop, you’ll be a happy fellow! A great all-rounder!

4. Hemlok

Hemlok Apex Legends

The fourth-placed gun in our ‘5 best apex legends guns’ list is the Hemlok Burst AR. The Hemlok is an assault rifle with a strong 3-shot burst that deals loads of damage if all 3 are hits. This is an important trait to remember because of how other AR’s work (Fully automatic). Some players prefer using the single-round shooting mode which makes it function similarly to a sniper. In any case, the Hemlok is flexible in terms of gameplay and can be used for long range or shorter range.

hemlok pattern

It also uses heavy ammo which makes it pretty good in the Assault Rifle category. The Hemlok also feels very powerful when stacked with attachments. An extended magazine can truly change the way this gun is used!

3. Peacekeeper

Peacekeeper Apex Legends

This gun has a divided personality. Half of the time, you’re hurting enemies, but most of the time your bullets do negligible damage. On the other hand, most players feel as if enemies using the Peacekeeper always hit for massive damage. It’s an enigma. But, in those cases when it does work properly, it’s a monster. The Peacekeeper is (apart from the Mastiff) the best shotgun-style weapon in the game. The stats don’t lie either; awesome damage, great precision, and a powerful spread (which is why it’s so weird when it misses).

peacekeeper pattern

A shotgun bolt and the Precision Choke transform the Peacekeeper into something rock solid. Enemies will have a much harder time surviving because the hop-up lets you charge your shots while holding down the aim button. This gives it a closer spread and thus, higher potential for more damage!

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Note: The EVA-8 shotgun is a good replacement for Peacekeeper if you aren’t having luck hitting any shots. It’s a bit weaker than the Peacekeeper but has a slightly faster fire rate.

2. Devotion

Devotion Apex Legends

You can’t go wrong with the Devotion. Although, I do sometimes find myself without ammo. Wonder why that would be…

Devotion rightly takes the second spot in our ‘5 best Apex Legends guns’ list because it can mow down the enemy in a single magazine. Fourty-Four rounds of ammo is what you’re looking at without a mag extension. That’s quite a lot. And once Devotion gets going, it feels like a minigun – spewing death all over. Unfortunately, there’s a trade-off (without which the gun would be overpowered).

Devotion suffers from poor rate of fire before spin-up is complete. This doesn’t make it a good reactionary weapon but rather an engaging one. Once the enemy figures out you’re firing on them, the spin-up will already be done. There are also recoil issues but learning the spray pattern will help with that.

devotion pattern

Once you get the Turbocharge hop-up, things get a lot easier. In the end game with few squads remaining, unless you have a close quarter weapon like a Peacekeeper, Devotion will be the star of the game. Just make sure you learn the spray pattern!

1. Wingman

Wingman 5 Best apex legends guns

You knew it was coming in at the #1 spot in our ‘5 best Apex Legends guns’ list!

The Wingman is the best gun right now. At least until they decide to nerf it. Every player I’ve played with wanted to find a Wingman. It’s so strong.

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This is a pistol which has a revolver-style. 6 rounds in the magazine, but 6 monster rounds. This gun can cause a lot of damage in a short span of time. The Wingman deals 90 headshot damage which is absolutely filthy. If you’re accurate enough, you can down an enemy with one mag. Not to mention the attachments. Having a higher round count in your mag plus a hop-up and you’ve got yourself a reliable weapon at all times. Perfect as a sidearm; great as your main gun.

wingman pattern

The downsides to the Wingman are its low accuracy and slow firing. However, once you master it (and trust me, it isn’t easy), only in rare cases will you be stopped. Get it whenever you can!

Important note: We didn’t want to include the Kraber and the Mastiff because of their rarity. Even though these weapons are technically the most powerful, you will not see them often enough in regular play. This guide contains only weapons that are common on the island!


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