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Whew! 2018 has reached its conclusion and boy, was it filled with loads of action and fun! There are hundreds of eSports moments that happened in 2018 which could make its way on this list but only the best eSports moments 2018 deserve a spot.

So, without further ado, here are the events that defined this competitive year!

Number 5 – Dota 2 International

Dota always had a specific and unique pedigree when it comes to eSports and the competitive scene so it’s only natural that we’d place The International on this list. Year after year the pinnacle of Dota 2 competitive gaming breaks at least one new record. This year, the prize pool was an insane $25,000,000 but that’s not the only reason it found its way to our list. The final was amazing and the organization flawless. The International comes with a lot of tradition; something that Dota players pride themselves about (since the original Dota came out many years ago).

Number 4 – Rocket League World Championship Final

This one’s for all of you Rocket League fans out there!

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The RLWC final was quite simply, one of the craziest moments in eSports, ever. Dignitas had a strong roster but lost to NRG in the semi’s. They then came back through the losers bracket and edged out NRG. A bracket reset happened and Dignitas were up 3-1 in the final game. Everyone thought it was over; Dignitas had won. But, NRG declined to back down and they equalized to a 3-3 game record. Each team needed just one more win and they’d win the Final. The score in the final game was 2-2 until Dignitas scored with 4 seconds on the clock! Dignitas took the lead and it seemed all over but NRG pulled back by keeping the ball in the air for around 13 seconds. NRG pulled one back and now it was 3-3. The game went into overtime (sudden death goal) but Dignitas eventually came out on top. One of the most adrenaline-inducing games in eSports!

Number 3 – E-LEAGUE and Cloud9

The CSGO tournament E-League is one of the most promoted and anticipated tournaments of the year. It is also featured on TV which makes it one of the most prestigious ones as well. This year, we had teams like SK Gaming and G2 Esports going for the crown but the winner would end up being none of these teams. The tournament was won by Cloud9 who were the underdogs before the start of the tournament and their victory came as a massive surprise. But, it was still glorious and the players were filled with joy. If anyone thought that CSGO is not fun or stressful to watch – try spectating the E-League!

Number 2 – League of Legends Worlds Season 8 – Invictus Gaming

When all hope seemed lost for Chinese teams to bring home the ultimate victory – becoming the LoL World Champions, IG stepped up. China has always seemed to fall short on what was thought possible for them and they haven’t achieved much Worlds success since the start. However, this year, it all changed.

Invictus Gaming was immense during the entire tournament and they dominated any team they came across. They would end up facing Fnatic in what was a historic Final between two strong regions (with EU not having a finalist in oh so long). If we look at LoL Worlds 2018 from an organizational standpoint – it wasn’t anything special. Some casters weren’t even on deck, the prize pool was smaller, and overall things looked bleak before the tournament even began.

But if we look at it from an eSports competitive standpoint – it shined.

lol worlds 2018

Number 1 – Ninja and Fortnite

It wasn’t exactly a moment, per se, but there’s no other moment defining 2018 better than the success Ninja achieved playing Fortnite. He had a collaboration with Drake where viewership numbers reached more than 600,000 viewers at one time. He also broke multiple other records including highest number of victory royales for any PC player – 5,000.

It took Ninja just a year to reach the point at which he’s at now. No other streamer or professional gamer has achieved this. He is currently followed by over 12 million people on Twitch and if that’s not a defining moment for 2018, we don’t know what is!

ninja fortnite

This concludes our list of the best eSports moments 2018!

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