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The world of Esports hasn’t necessarily been kind to girl gamers up until relatively recently, but great strides have been made to secure at least similar conditions to those of male gamers. There is still a long way to go they have the same status as male gamers but hey – we’re getting there.

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This fact is evident with the following Top 5 Highest-Earning Girl Gamers list we made. It has been created to emphasize the skill that girl gamers have. These are athletes at the top of their game and it’s only fair they get the recognition they deserve.

The Top 5 Highest-Earning Girl Gamers of 2018 are:

  1. Sarah Lou (Sarah Harrison)

  2. Kasumi Chan (Marjorie Bartell)

  3. Ricki Ortiz

  4. Mystik (Katherine Gunn)

  5. Scarlett (Sasha Hostyn)

Of course, we’re going to go into more detail about each of these girl gamers but beware – they’d probably beat you in a 1-vs-1!

Anyway, here’s the list:

Number 5 – Sarah Lou

sarah lou

  • Country: UK
  • Date of Birth: Unknown
  • ID: Sarah Lou
  • Name: Sarah Harrison
  • Earnings: $50,000
  • Game: DoA4 (Dead or Alive 4)

What’s so spectacular about Sarah Lou (real name Sarah Harrison) is that she made all of her earnings from just one tournament. This was way back in 2008 when she took part in the 2008 Championship Gaming Series Season with her teammate. They won the grand prize and split the winnings 50/50.

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Harrison also has a sister, Ruth, who plays the same games as Sarah. The gaming community refers to them as the Serena and Venus Williams of Esports.

Number 4 – Kasumi Chan

kasumi chan

  • Country: USA
  • Date of Birth: Unknown
  • ID: Kasumi Chan
  • Name: Marjorie Bartell
  • Earnings: $55,000
  • Game: DoA4 (Dead or Alive 4)

Another girl gamer specializing in fighting games (remember what I told you – don’t mess with them because they’ll beat you up!), Bartell has been a professional gamer for years, starting out in 2006. Just one year after, in 2007, she won her first major tournament and made all her winnings from it.

Unfortunately for Bartell and Harrison, the DoA4 tournament they loved so much ceased operation after 2008.

Her username Kasumi Chan was directly inspired by a similarly-named character from the Dead or Alive franchise.

Number 3 – Ricki Ortiz

Ricki Mortiz

  • Country: USA
  • Date of Birth: Unknown
  • ID: Ricki Ortiz
  • Name: Ricki Ortiz
  • Earnings: $80,780.18
  • Game: Street Fighter V

The third entry on our list and the third fighting game specialist, what does that tell you? These are badass women!

Anyway, about Ortiz: She’s been active in the professional scene for many years, starting as early as the 2000s. Ricki Ortiz has taken part in more than 60 tournaments so she’s a seasoned veteran of the scene. She’s currently playing for team Evil Geniuses. Ricki Ortiz (alongside Sasha Hostyn) is a high-ranking transgender player that has experienced abuse all along the way. However, none of them have let this ruin their dreams – the best attitude to have in the face of bullies. Go girls!

Number 2 – Mystik


  • Country: USA
  • Date of Birth: 20 April, 1988 (30)
  • ID: Mystik
  • Name: Katherine Gunn
  • Earnings: $122,000
  • Game: Halo Reach

If Halo was such a good start for Blevins (aka Ninja), then it must have been good for Mystik as well. Gunn started her professional gaming career back in 2007 and became popular through playing Halo Reach. She grew up on games; nothing unusual for someone coming from a family of gamers.

What’s interesting is that her family used to run a comic book store!

She made an appearance in the Guinness World Record Books back in 2015 for earning $122,000; more than any other female player of that time.

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Most of her winnings come from the WCG Ultimate Gamer grand prize of $100,000. In any case, a strong independent woman who made her way into a largely male-dominated sport! What a way to prove yourself.

Number 1 – Scarlett

sasha hostyn

  • Country: Canada
  • Date of Birth: 14 December, 1993 (25)
  • ID: Scarlett
  • Name: Sasha Hostyn
  • Earnings: $200,693.82
  • Game: StarCraft II

StarCraft II was never an easy game, especially in the face of the best players in the world. However, back in 2011, this didn’t stop Scarlett. Hostyn made a name for herself already in 2012 after beating a couple of the higher-ranking players of the time. And, considering how competitive the StarCraft II scene is (and was, especially then), this caused her to become very popular.

Since then, she has achieved a lot. A lot. She’s been dubbed the most accomplished woman in Esports which is no small achievement. Scarlett participated in over 140 tournaments which is by far the best record out of all girl gamers at the moment. Her earnings prove just how great she actually is! Who says playing Esports doesn’t pay?

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So, that would conclude our Top 5 Highest Earning Girl Gamers list. Did some entires surprise you? Or did you expect such an outcome? Tell us in the comments below!

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