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top 5 midlaner picks

The top 5 midlaner picks in 2019! And no, it’s not about mages anymore. 2019 basically says ‘Flex pick‘ all over! The meta has changed again and this time, it’s chaotic. The meta during some seasons was slow-paced and without too much action. But this cannot be said for 2019!

Off-meta picks, flex picks, and overall chaotic action marks a new beginning. League of Legends needed some spice and Riot has provided! These top 5 midlaner picks should come in handy if you’re looking to advance the ranks as well, so make sure you practice!

Oh, and our top 5 midlaner picks list isn’t in any particular order; still, some champions are better than others but the differences between these 5 are marginal (depending on the team compositions of course).

Let’s begin with an undead beast who hits very, very hard (well, at least he looks the part).


Number 5 – Sion

sion lol

The first entry on our top 5 midlaner picks list is Sion.

Sion is just one of those champions. You don’t have to be too careful when playing him as obviously the passive is useful, but you’d be wise to take it slow. But, after the nerfs to Galio, one of the most popular mid lane picks of the previous season, Sion grew in usability and prominence.

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Currently, only Sion and Urgot are flex picks that have enough health and armor to be difficult to deal with. Sion is great because he can go either mid lane or top lane (with jungle and support not popular but they still exist). And he can serve as a damage dealer, tank, off-tank, etc. Again, this all depends on the enemy team composition and itemization.

Sion brings powerful crowd control to the table as well as a pretty meaty health pool. And, he’s great against melee champs or AD-oriented team comps. Sion can also push through the enemy backline; and if that ulti hits – oh boy.

Number 4 – Urgot

urgot lol

When compared to Sion, Urgot can dish out more damage, is ranged, and has a wicked sick ultimate. But he is less tanky and if focused, there’s not a lot Urgot can do. However, this makes him the perfect mid pick. Definitely deserves a place in the top 5 midlaner picks list!

In the early and mid game, Urgot is a threat to be reckoned with. The crab is, as I said before, ranged, which gives him plenty of flexibility and time to run away if necessary. He has strong waveclear and crowd control that allows him to control the enemy frontline champions. Urgot also has strong armor numbers which is fairly uncommon for ranged champions.

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The meta might also changed towards being marksman-happy which also makes Urgot a good pick (thanks to armor). When combined, his ultimate, his Q (Fear Beyond Death), crowd-control, and his E (Disdain), are enough to keep any jungler at bay. Fun times with the crab!

Number 3 – Zoe

Now, personally, I haven’t played Zoe that much. Just don’t like her kit a lot. But damn, do I hate playing against a good Zoe.

There’s nothing worse than Zoe jumping from her freaking hole, shooting you dealing massive damage, and then crawling back out of the hole. Not good. Still, Zoe is an amazing mid pick. See, Zoe underwent a nerf some time ago due to being too powerful at release. The problem? She has returned.

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Thanks to the current meta consisting of marksmen and tanky jungle champions, Zoe’s mobility problems aren’t as prevalent. In fact, I’d say that they’re pretty meager right now. Still, you have to be a bit cautious but overall, Zoe’s great right now!

Her E (Sleep Trouble Bubble) places her high on the list of desirable mid lane champions in poke and/or siege compositions. And we can’t forgot about damage. Zoe’s got a lot.

Number 2 – Ryze

ryze lol

Ryze has been a favored champion since League of Legends was released. It’s no wonder that he made his way on our Top 5 midlaner picks for 2019 list!

Ryze is interesting. Before the rework, he was strong because of spell-spam and insane AOE. After the rework, his playstyle is different but still powerful. Ryze is also a quality pick in the sense that you just can’t go wrong when choosing him. Ryze fits into virtually any team composition which makes him one of the best flex picks right now.

I mean think about it: Excellent wave-clear, great scaling, and a rich ability kit. That’s more than enough to be a threat in competitive play. Level 6 junglers have fallen out of favor which opens the door for Ryze ganks all over the map!

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Split-pushing and utilizing side-lanes is a necessity for Ryze; if you don’t do this, might as well play another champion.

Oh and Ryze deals with towers pretty easily. Just a thought.

Number 1 – Orianna

top 5 midlaner picks orianna

And the final of our Top 5 midlaner picks list member is Orianna – the Lady of Clockwork. She’s as precise as time and can bring the pain with ease. If Ryze was present in a huge part of the LoL meta over the years, Orianna is eternal.

There haven’t been too many Orianna nerfs since the game’s inception and even when there were, she was always considered a good pick. I mean, just take a look at the previous couple of years – Orianna could be found in most of the games.

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Her skillset is generally simple, but it’s extremely effective and powerful; especially in the hands of someone experienced. If Orianna does amazing in the current meta – that’s great. Otherwise, she’ll do okay but you can use that as benchmark of what the current meta is about.

In general, thanks to Orianna’s versatility and ability kit, she doesn’t have to worry too much about crazy ganks or something like that. Tanky jungler? No problem, Orianna’s out of there! Besides, you don’t have to play risky with her; a laid-back style works just as well if you can find an opening. Tick tock!


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