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In the world of League of Legends, the meta defines how powerful a champion is. And in the case of LoL snowball champions, there are a couple of very strong ones. Those of you who are interested in climbing the ladder in 2019 should play any of these champions. All you have to do is survive until you start snowballing (which is easier said than done but hey, this isn’t a tutorial on how to play the game!).

Jokes aside, these 5 best snowball League of Legends champions should truly help you reach higher divisions. The current meta allows them to be relatively risky while still maintaining a healthy dose of threat to the enemy team. The bad side of each of these is that, usually, until you get your ultimate, you might as well be a sitting duck. This is why early game = careful play. When the mid game arrives and you get your ultimate, things will get much better.

Now let’s begin with our top 5 LoL snowball champions!

5. Akali

akali lol

Akali is a hard champion to play; no doubt about it. Her kit might seem simple enough (and you’d do well against bots and Iron division players), but overall, there’s a lot of training to go through. The unfortunate side effect of this is, well, you won’t be climbing the ladder quite as fast.

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But! Once you get a hang of it, playing her suddenly becomes a dream. Now, we all know that Akali doesn’t work so well before level 6 at least (although you can harass but caution is well-advised), so going all in before that is not recommended. However, once you get that ultimate, thousands of doors open for you!

This includes roaming the map like a jungler (and Akali is a fully-fledged assassin), jumping onto enemies with lightning fast skills, and even escaping if you’re lucky enough. Her smoke screen is also interesting to use (personally, I like it a lot more than before). The real party starts when Akali gets Hextech Gunblade and racks up a few kills. If the player is skilled enough, there’s no stopping this LoL snowball champion.


4. Vayne

The second lady of out Top 5 LoL snowball champion list is Vayne. Although, you wouldn’t think she was a lady with how hard she hits. Nonetheless, Vayne is loved by players all around the world for her mobility and insane amounts of damage. WildTurtle and Doublelift both played her extensively. We’ve all seen worldclass plays by Vayne players where they decimate an enemy team but personally, I could never pull it off.

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There are a few reasons for this: Reason A – I never knew how to play the Marksman role, and Reason B – she’s pretty tough to learn. Still, you could do well with her in lower divisions even without too much training as long as you remember to stay back. Vayne doesn’t have too much range and her roll can be deceiving. But, if you have a great team and all the right items – not even the hardest tanks can stop you.

Silver bolts and plenty of critical strike chance and you’ll be well on your way to reaching the higher divisions! Probably one of the best carry champions out there (if you know what you’re doing).

3. Jax

The Grandmaster at Arms makes his way to our Top 5 LoL snowball champion list! One of the OG champions from back in the day, Jax has always been pretty relevant in the meta. Sure, he had his outings and non-appearances but overall, he’s one of the most consistently used champions in the game. I mean, who doesn’t love a masked madman flailing his lamp post like it’s nothing?

What makes Jax so great is his scaling; smooth and timely. Doesn’t take too long to hit his mark, doesn’t reach it too fast either. And he’s okay in the early game as well, even though his Relentless Assault isn’t as powerful early. The first item you should be looking for is Trinity Force which just makes him a monster. If left unchecked, a 2-0 Jax could easily bully a lane and even start splitpushing.

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Speaking of, splitpushing is Jax’s specialty. Along with Tryndamere who is so annoying during splitpush, Jax can dish out crazy amounts of damage to both minions and turrets. Couple the Trinity Force with some survivability and attack speed + damage and there’s nothing left for you to do apart from R>E>Q (if necessary)>W>W>W and just right click. Such an easy life; such an easy climb. But don’t forget that Jax also takes some time getting used to and a large part of the players don’t find him comfortable to play.

2. Darius

Uhh, if you’ve never had a bad time against Darius – you’re lucky (or lying). Either way, Darius is just one of those champions that, if left to his own accords, will snowball out of proportion. There’s no better demotivation champion than Darius. Once you see that giant axe swinging and decimating every champ, there’s not else you can do but watch.

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However, when you’re playing him, everything feels so satisfying. From the sounds to the sights. Chop some champs, press Q; bring them in, press E! Hit them hard – press W and “ultimately“, press R and ruin everyone’s day. On top of all that, Darius doesn’t have too steep of a learning curve. You just need to learn the combos and voila! Instant half/full health damage! Although, some players play him as a tank pretty effectively. But I don’t recommend this unless you know what you’re doing. Some survivability is fine (and necessary), but going full tank is not good. In any case, Darius is one mean LoL snowball champion!

Just let the Demacian General do his thing. You know, axe swinging, decapitating. In any case, a Titanic Hydra or Ravenous Hydra (depending on the matchups) and you’re good to go.

1. Nasus

lol snowball champion

The number one spot on our Top 5 LoL Snowball Champion list could come as a surprise. But, when you think about it, there’s no better snowball champion in League of Legends than Nasus. His Syphoning Strike is the definition of snowball (baring Veigar’s ability too but ehh, Veigar isn’t really a carry champion at the moment).

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A Nasus that has free farm up top and some roaming potential can derail the enemy team quicker than you can say “Never underestimate the power of the scout code.” The thing about Nasus is that you don’t need too much knowledge to play him. Focus on his Syphoning Strike and getting those stacks up, build some tankiness, and stomp the enemy team. Just.. When you reach higher divisions, Nasus won’t work as well because he’s pretty predictable.

But in lower divisions, Nasus can be a powerhouse and you can easily start playing him after a few test runs. In any case, Nasus is the most beginner-friendly champion out of this LoL Snowball Champion list, which makes him number 1. Or not, I might have written this in no particular order. Ha!

Do you agree with our LoL Snowball Champion list? Share your thoughts below!


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