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The Overwatch league has been struck with unexpected news, as the Toronto DefiantsStellar” announced his retirement earlier this month.

The Toronto Defiant has made a post on their twitter account, with a video statement made by Lee “Stellar” Do-Hyung, in which he had the following to say:

“Due to personal reasons, I have decided to retire from being a pro. So, I want to thank all the fans who supported me so far. I also want to thank my previous team, 02, Toronto Defiant, and my teammate friends. Again, thank you so much for supporting me.”

Toronto Defiant new sign "im37"


Aside from the technical abilities of one player, that can always be filled in one way or the other, the team will now have to stand up to the challenge of losing a player that was valuable to the team as a whole.

Stellar was there for the Toronto Defiant in stage one and has left a great contribution playing in the playoffs,  being knocked off in the quarterfinals, giving in to San Francisco Shock. The news of his departure could not come at worst times for the club, as this happened just prior to the start of Stage 2. The team was in need of a quick reaction, as they have been left with only two DPS players.

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So, they had done what needed to be done,  a new player was appointed shortly after. The signing of a new player to the team was published on their twitter account, stating:

Graduating fresh out of NA Contenders and speed-running his way into your hearts and the Path to Pro, please join us in welcoming our new DPS player for @TorontoDefiant, @im37_ow!

Toronto Defiant new sign "im37"

“Stellars” place was filled in with a signing of “im37”, a 19-years old Korean DPS player that lives in Vancouver, Canada. Hong “im37” Jin previously rose to fame by his immensely fast breakthrough to the pro waters. His mechanical display and a fast run into the Overwatch league stage was so outstandingly done, that he ended being accused by some streamers of hacking his way into it.

Coming into week one of the second stage, he made his first debut for the Toronto Defiant on April 6th. The game was a sheer display of talent, as he displayed his usage of hitscan Heroes, aiding the team to take on a victory against Washington Justice (1-3). In the second game, they did not walk out as victors, losing to Boston Uprising (2-3). Despite this, the Toronto Defiant has assured their fans that they will not be lacking any strength with the new signing.

Toronto Defiant new sign "im37"

So, what do we know about “im37”?

In a recent interview done with him, he has shared with us some details about his coming to the Overwatch waters. Before moving to Canada in 2014, he was living in South Korea. The reason for this was due to his belief that the educational system in Canada is better, and he also wanted to extend his knowledge of the English language. Prior to playing Overwatch, he used to play a popular Korean FPS game called “Sudden Attack”.

He was involved in the beta stages of Overwatch and has never dropped his Grandmaster status. One of his role models, and also a player he is eager to face is Pine. When asked what can he contribute to the Toronto Defiant, he had the following to say:

“People say that hitscan players are inconsistent, but I’ll try my best to be consistent. Keep supporting Toronto Defiant and myself throughout this season.”

Toronto Defiant new sign "im37"

After a bad week two, in which Defiant lost both games, patience and time will be the key for the team to fit in the new signing and create a strong and coherent composition for the future games.


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