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KT Rolster had a turbulent end of the 2018 competitive LoL season with almost all of their players leaving in a single day. Mata was the first to leave on November 13th, with Rush, PawN, Ucal, and Deft leaving on November 20th. 

This left many fans and eSports betting enthusiasts wondering whether or not KT Rolster will manage to come back from this slump. 

And not much time would pass before this would turn around; here’s what KT Rolster achieved during the LoL transfer window.

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KT Rolster Logo

Credit: KT Rolster

Out with the New and in with the… Old?

The current KT Rolster squad is as follows:

  • Smeb who joined the team in 2016 has been promoted to top, alongside Kingen. We still don’t know who will be the main top laner and whether or not KT Rolster will rotate between the two.
  • After Rush’s departure from the team, KT Rolster was without a jungler. Score is the one who steps in to fill the role, having joined the team all the way back in 2014! He is back on a permanent jungler position.
  • The mid lane is now populated by Bdd (who joined 1 day ago alongside SnowFlower).

The two supports are SnowFlower and Mia. Good enough for a LoL transfer window, eh?


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