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In the past few weeks, Twitch has been an awkward place due to the graphical content circulating around the platform. Well, not the whole of it, but the stream category dedicated to Valve’s turn-based strategy card game Artifact. Referred to by some as the Graveyard of Twitch, the livestreams featured here cover a wide range of Illegal and graphic content, including the disturbing footage of the Christchurch massacre.

Although Twitch did attempt to put an end to this, the streamers involved would quickly begin restreaming the banned content. They would do this with the help of bots, which would automatically create new channels and continue their wrongdoing. Twitch found itself helpless and unable to stop the flood of graphical content, made up of copyrighted movies, porn, TV shows, racist memes, and much more illegal material.

twitch legal actions

The issue went so far that it even resulted in Twitch disabling streaming for all new accounts for almost two days. It is hard to imagine the damage carried by these attacks, as Twitch is a place of gathering for younger audiences. Those who were affected by these images, especially the scenes of the mosque attack, might have suffered severe emotional damage.

How did Twitch respond to the Illegal and Graphical content?

Twitch graphical content

Therefore, the Amazon-controlled game streaming service decided to take things one step further. To put an end to trolls in the Artifact category of Twitch, the company has decided to issue a lawsuit against multiple individuals. Since their identity remains unknown, the group of trolls has been referred to as John and Jane Does 1-100. However, one thing that they all share in common is that they have violated several policies and agreements included in the Twitch ToS.


The spokesman for Twitch has said the following concerning the graphical content, “We take these breaches very seriously, we are pursuing a lawsuit to verify these people, and will take all suitable measures to defend our society.”

Twitch NSFW content

In building up claims against those who have posted graphical content on Twitch, the streaming platform has stated that they have amongst others committed fraud. Users who were unaware of the happenings could have visited Artefact, only to find themselves surrounded by illicit content. Twitch is requesting from the U.S. District Court in California to help identify those tangled in the case, prohibit them from using the site, and demand pays damages and reparations, due to the damaged reputation of the company.

Although the trolls found themselves a good laugh with the graphical content posted on Twitch, it will be important to establish how problems like these are dealt with in the future. While I am skeptical of how this will turn out to be, it is pleasing to know that the audiences at Twitch can rest for a while. The case was officially filed, so we will have to wait and see what happens next.

What is Artifact?

Artifact is a digital collectible card game developed and published by the American video game company Valve. The game was released on November 28, 2018, and has ever since received overwhelmingly negative feedback.

Twitch artifact

Due to Valve’s unsuccessful attempt with it, the game found itself losing 95 % of the players in the course of two months. Most users reported this was due to the game being a mere pay-to-win. It was also mocked on the Twitch category dedicated to the title. However, the mockery began to be a problem once the illegal and graphical content started showing up, ultimately forcing Twitch to take legal actions against those involved.


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