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Popular Fortnite Twitch Streamer Tfue is no stranger to racial slur use and Twitch terms of service violations. Earlier this week, Tfue reportedly used a racial slur; for the third time running. Well, the third time people have noticed. Twitch hasn’t yet commented on the case but one thing is for sure – if they take action against famous Twitch streamer Tfue, it’ll be his third violation of policies, meaning he becomes eligible for a perma-ban!

Why Twitch Streamer Tfue Might get Banned from Twitch?

As previously reported by The Verge, Tfue doesn’t have a clip of this infraction listed among his recent videos. However, Twitter users have managed to capture the moment and post it on Reddit fairly quickly. If you listen closely, Tfue is heard saying: “Y’all m*therf**kers killed that n**ga. Y’all can s*ck my pee-pee, man”.


Naturally, there doesn’t seem to be malintent in what he said, but it still goes against Twitch’s policy against hateful conduct which includes discrimination and racism. Twitch did not yet respond about this case in lieu of Tfue’s privacy. Tfue himself hasn’t come out with a statement yet, but has quickly deleted the video showing him use the racial slur.

Tfue’s Previous Incidents with Racial Slurs

As mentioned before, Twitch Tfue isn’t experiencing his first rodeo with racial slurs. A year ago, in May 2018, Tfue called an opposing player a ‘coon’ while playing Fortnite. Twitch took action and suspended his account temporarily. Tfue then argued that what he said wasn’t meant to be racist and that he was sorry for saying the word. Unfortunately, just 3 months after his first infraction, Tfue was banned again by Twitch for an undefined reason.


If Twitch reacts to this incident and decides to ban Tfue’s account for a third time, it could spell the end of his time at Twitch. Twitch operates on a ‘three-strike policy’, meaning you get two warning suspensions before finally experiencing the third – and final one.

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It’s worth noting that Twitch Tfue is a very well-known name in the Fortnite community.But, the rules need to be the same for everyone so even if you’re as famous and ‘large’ as Tfue, you still need to experience justice. We’ll just have to wait and see how this situation unfolds.

What do you think? Does Tfue deserve the final ban? Let us know in the comments below!

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