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Athletes of the future may not be required to possess outstanding physical traits. They will perform in a way unimaginable to those who left their blood, sweat, and tears on the Olympic fields. In many ways, their battles will take place in a different realm. To better understand this phenomenon, we’ll be reflecting on the recent proposals to introduce Esports into the Olympics. Furthermore, I’ll be presenting my own opinion on the issue.

Time and weather had long ago effaced Ancient Greece, leaving behind its trails fragments of a civilization that would be relished by the ages to come. Amongst those fragments, lies the Olympic flame, erected to bring peace amongst the people of antiquity.

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As the seasons grew, so did the Olympic Games with them, gradually shaping to be the spectacle we know today. However, within its core has always been the perfection of the human body and the limitless possibilities an individual can achieve with it. Now, imagine that all of this is to change. Both planes of athletes walking through the opening ceremony, united in the world’s foremost sports competition. It leaves us with a simple question.

Should Esports be a part of the Olympics?

To get an answer to this problem, we’ve asked for the help of the community. In a recent poll conveyed on Twitter, we came to the following conclusion.

It is no surprise that the majority of voters neglected the idea. In reality, esports still has a long path to cross if it is to establish itself amongst the traditional sports at the Olympics.

However, an openness for different ideas has set modern Olympic games as an ever-changing event. While in antiquity, there were no more than twenty games, nowadays, we have thirty-three scheduled for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

If we are to think that change is an essential part of the Olympics, maybe esports should be considered for a review by the IOC. Another argument is that aside from the physical aspect, esports share all of the pros and cons of traditional sports. Both athletes are required to develop a strategic approach to their games, and the thrill of the win and the hurt of the loss are involved as well.

emotions of players at tournament

Although these claims sound appealing, something within me cannot conform with the thought of esports entering the Olympics. Like many, I grew up with video games. We went through the indoctrination that they cause violence, obesity, social anxiety, etc. Video games were always an activity reserved for the so-called geeks. All of a sudden, the money started purring into the video gaming industry. Not only has the public opinion changed on them, but they are becoming a fundamental part of our lives.

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Slowly, we are witnessing the commercialization of this industry. The ones who would profit the most from esports in the Olympics are the publishers and their shareholders. Sadly, with more finances rarely comes more quality. Developers would be targeting large audiences, and the games would be made so they can fit the commercial market.

Additionally, don’t forget that unlike traditional sports, video games have a much shorter life-span. Because of this, publishers are often required to force changes in order to keep the game alive. Not only would this be a problem for the Olympics, who strive for heavy regulations, but the quality of the contest would deteriorate at different times.


Regulations and a strong coordination body are something esports is needing in order to enter the Olympics. With the introduction of these, new rules would be added to the game. Inevitably, they would be carried out by an organ that can neglect the opinion of the players and the community. Besides, the process of entering the Olympics can last up to several years.

That begs the question, why would we even want esports to enter the Olympics? What would we gain from such a move?

In reality, we can only lose. Esports should continue to grow on its own as long as it can. The changes brought to it should be regulated by the needs of those who participate, and not by a regulation organ like IOC. The industry has the means and the capability to develop its own competitions and should continue doing so.

esports competitions

As much as we know, the future may hold esports as an Olympic medal event. The generations to come will have a different view on the gaming industry, and might as well cope with the idea. Ancient Greeks certainly didn’t imagine golf as an Olympic sport, but yet it happened.

In conclusion to today’s topic, only time will tell what is in stored for the future of esports. Until then, we can only speculate on the final outcome. With that said, do not hesitate to leave your opinion on the topic, as Twitter proved to be more than useful in conducting research.

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