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Hyper casual games are dominating the charts. Some of the most played games on the  market are known for their simple mechanics and engaging design. Players enjoy the  simplicity of achieving instant gratification by completing short and exciting levels. 

Forward For Games

Forward For Ltd. have been baked in a slightly skewed approach to life oven and have  risen to become a small but mighty games company. The team of eight have been shaping  their creative minds to mobile as they continue to develop engaging, innovative games.  

Forward For Ltd. currently focus their gaming efforts on the growing category of ‘Casual’  games, across different genres e.g. Arcade Puzzler, Idle Clickers. They focus on core key  demographics, nods to trends of popular genres and crucially take the advice of their friends at global publishers to target player bases. 

Forward For Ltd. approach to games is based on their knowledge of the industry, built up  over the last 6 years of mobile title games production and independent games releases. 

Game Releases

To date Forward For have released seven game apps from Idle Clickers, Casual, Puzzle and Hyper-casual. Idle Animal Park, Fossil Rush, Crush.it, Hellter Skelter, Cheesy Hills, Conkerors, CogiT. 


Forward For’s latest release ‘CogiT’ achieves all of these characteristics and challenges of a casual puzzle genre game. 

Simply match and connect colored cogs to get your circuit flowing again! This unique  moving jigsaw of circuitry and strategy will test your timing, talent and thumbs!  

For more information on Forward For Ltd. or want to get in touch visit:



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