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Now, the video game community can put their money where their mouth is and not just brag about their skills. Unlike other esports betting platforms, Unikrn UMode is the only player versus house skill betting platform wherein you can “bet on yourself” and make some money immediately. Unikrn’s system uses a blockchain-powered backend and all you have to do is link your game, place your bet and collect your cash – if you’re good enough.

It depends on a player how much they’re willing invest in themselves. Unikrn offers challenges of various kinds which you could attempt as your skill progresses. It ranges from just winning a match to more complex objectives like earning a certain amount of points.

Starting a Unikrn UMode account

Head over Unikrn.com to sign up and get an exclusive 300% deposit bonus. Enter your credentials to get going with setting up UMode then link a game account to start earning rewards. Moving along you get the option to choose your deposit method, including crypto options. Once you deposit your funds you’re ready to start betting!

UMode is available in select regions across the world and requires that you are of legal age to place bets. Depending on where you’re playing from you could choose to place wagers with either the Unikoin Gold (UKG) coins as currency used on-site, check out our UKG review for more information on that. The other choice available is use hard cash. There is a host of different games and ways to win for any beginner or fanatic.


Tips to win in UMode

The idea of winning or making money from gaming could be enticing enough to jump right in start placing bets in the hopes to make a profit. However, keep these tips in mind to optimise your chances:

Pick a game you’re good at

If you’re good at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or PUBG you might want to choose one of those to begin with. Going with what you already know will help keeping you from losing money.

Get to know Unikrn UMode well

Put in the time to learn about the platform and the esports wagering scene. If you’re new, it may be wiser to start with small amounts instead of risking large bets, losing and getting frustrated. You could increase your betting amount as and when you gain confidence and comfort. Don’t get caught up with emotions and try capping at a certain amount everyday.

Practice to improve

Completing goals with large amounts is how you could make large amounts of cash on Unikrn UMode. However, take your time to practice your game and stick to completing bets with easier levels of skill. Know when you need to take a break from practice. Professional gamers have been known to run into stress and fatigue leading to more health complications.

Review matches and statistics

A very commonly used way to improve performance is to record your competitive games and review your game to identify room for improvement. Data offers valuable feedback for assessment so look at statistics of wins, losses, etc. to get a clearer picture of your weaknesses.


Which games are available on Unikrn UMode?

Unikrn has brought wagering to someof the most popular titles in the gaming world. UMode is available for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PUBG, League of Legends, Dota 2, Halo 5 and Fortnite and Fortnite: Arena and Starcraft 2.

Is it for real?

Yes, it is! If you are good enough or are willing to work on improving your gaming skills, you could challenge yourself to improve and make money with Unikrn UMode. For payment options, the platform accepts Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, Echeck Select, Instant Sach and Rapid. As mentioned earlier, it also accepts several crypto options.

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