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After the conclusion of the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers Week 5, there are many familiar names, but surprisingly, we have many unfamiliar names who most fans had never heard of until now within the competitive scene. Here, we take a look at a chart I created listing all players who have qualified for the world cup thus far.

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List of Qualified Players at the end of Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers Week 5

As you can see, there are many familiar names and organizations on this list. The best way to divide the players on this list would be to divide them into four lists. These lists are not, by any means official lists, and you could debate which category almost every single player on this list falls into. These lists represent the status of each player BEFORE the Fortnite World Cup began.

Tfue making the rock-on sign with is hands

Courtesy FaZe Clan

Popular Players Who Made It After Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers Week 5

The first list created would contain the most popular competitive players.  In my opinion, this list would consist of people like NRG MrSavageM, FaZe Tfue, Ghost Bizzle, Liquid Vivid, Atlantis Mitr0, Secret Mongraal, NRG Benjyfishy, Ghost Saf, NRG Zayt, Nate Hill, FaZe Funk, MSF Sceptic and more. These players are very popular in the Fortnite competitive community, and most were expected to qualify by fans.

Stompy wearing a denim hoodie

Courtesy Eleven Gaming

The second list would contain the somewhat popular competitive players that many Fortnite fans would know, but some would not. In this list, I place Secret Domentos, E11 Stompy, E11 Tschiinken, Top_FaxFox, Top_Banny, CLG Psalm, TSM-Commandment (Comadon) along with others. Many of these players were expected to qualify by fans who knew them, but some fans did not expect these players to qualify and/or know their names.

In the third list are players that only the very devoted Fortnite fans and community members would know, such as SEN Bugha, Liquid Riversan, Atlantis Letshe, W7M-Nicks, Fnatic smeef, Cooler Left-Eye, TChub, Envy LeNain and a few more players. People who knew these names expected top placements out of these players, but most of these players were not known to the majority of Fortnite fans before qualifying.

Dubs wearing a Nissan Tshirt

Unknown Players Who Made It After Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers Week 5

Lastly, I created a list of unknown players/players who gained significant exposure after qualifying, but am only going to mention the most important. This list consists of players who may also be in another list, however, the new ones include MSF Clix, aqua, KNG Epikwhale, KNG Leno, KNG Barl, Stepbro Karhu, FaZe Megga, and FaZe Dubs. These are the players the Fortnite community has seen grown since the World Cup.

MSF Clix, who is also Sceptic’s duo partner qualified for both the duos, and solos after Rise XXif was disqualified for cheating and banned from competitive play for two weeks. Clix has grown through his youtube videos displaying highlights in the games he qualified from, and also, his appearances on the channel of rapidly growing youtuber “TheFortniteGuy”. TheFortniteGuy’s videos are watched by almost all of the competitive Fortnite community, in addition to many fans and supporters.

Logo of team KungarnaWhile on the topic of popular youtuber TheFortniteGuy, it is important to mention his newly created Fortnite competitive team, Kungarna. Team Kungarna has been popular in other games such as CS-GO, before making its competitive return into Fortnite. Team Kungarna consists of many free agents who are looking for a team to represent while waiting for a professional organization to sign them. Team Kungarna is made of several players, but the team most prominently features of Epikwhale, Leno, and Barl. Epikwhale, as can be seen in the table above, qualified for the World Cup in the Week 3 Solo competition. The following week, Leno and Barl qualified in the Week 4 Duo competition, after being in a tight race for first place in the qualifier against fellow teammates Epikwhale and SealMatt until finally pulling away at the very end to mark their spot in New York.

The next World Cup Qualifier who was hardly known is Karhu. Karhu, who’s real name is Rasmus was born in Finland, and did not move to America until he was 12. Karhu is now just 14, and has qualified for the World Cup just two years after moving to America. Karhu speaks Finnish and English fluently, and he has a passion for gaming, especially Fortnite. Karhu is not in a single professional scrim or custom discord, and has improved simply by playing scrims versus players in semi-pro scrim discords and in the new Arena game mode in Fortnite. After qualifying for the World Cup, Karhu bought a new gaming PC to help improve his performances.

Lastly, we will talk about the newest members of FaZe Clan, DubsFN and Megga. Dubs and Megga did not place extremely well in many tournaments until the Fortnite world cup warmup, where they received second place. Afterwards, Dubs received second place in the Week 1 Solos competition, which also guarenteed him a spot in New York, qualifying for the World Cup. Soon after, Dubs was the center of a cheating controversy. After watching old footage of Dubs, many people, including some professionals believed Dubs was cheating. However, after being investigated by EpicGames, Fortnite’s developers, Dubs was said to have not been cheating. 3 weeks later, Dubs and his duo partner Megga were signed to FaZe Clan, one of the most prominent gaming organizations in the world. The next week, Megga secured his spot in the Fortnite World Cup after qualifying for the Week 5 solos. The only work left for the pair is to now qualify as a duo, which most fans would not be surprised to see happen.

In conclusion, we wish the best of luck upon all of these players, and we congratulate those who have qualified this far and those who will qualify in the next 5 weeks. We hope you enjoyed!!

For more information on the Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers, be sure to visit Epic Games Official Website!



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