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“Argh! The new patch is out and I hate the changes they’ve made!” – this is probably a sentence you spoke out loud to your friend at least once in your gaming life. However, changes of all sorts are actually beneficial to how the game operates and how it’s received by the general public. By now, eSports playing and the whole eSports scene as a whole has grown substantially over the past couple of years. Games have become huge with many assets, characters, stories, and everything else that makes a game.

Of course, eSports-oriented games usually don’t feature a strong story (but there is often a pretty detailed lore) so there needs to be something to refresh your feelings towards the game. Most eSports games such as LoL and DotA have a lot of replayability but even this runs out. So, in this article, we’ll be covering the topic of why updates and patches are important in the grand scheme of things and how games can stay afloat for much longer than previously anticipated.


Origin: Sims 4

We all know by now that modern games get patched on the regular. Companies or teams behind these games usually don’t stop working on them until a lot later (some games are still getting patched even though they were released 10 or more years ago!). Patches come in all forms and sizes, ranging from micro-patches that can be rolled out in a day or two. These exist to fix small issues or bugs that generally don’t take a lot of time. Micro-patches can be released on a daily basis, but gaming companies don’t do this regularly.

Then, we have the mid-sized patches which focus on ironing out game-breaking bugs and/or other issues that influence the game in a way that it ruins the immersion. These patches generally come every few weeks or so because of how much work needs to be done.

Lastly, there are large patches that come with an infinitely long changelog (which some people read – the monsters). Large patches don’t come out often but when they do, you can be sure that the game will be changed a lot.

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It’s not surprising that the games of today require a lot of constant work because of how much coding and work goes into them. You just can’t make the perfect game, hence the need for patches.

In most occasions, these don’t necessarily change the way the game functions; they’re just there to fix issues. However, there are rare cases where a patch drastically changes how the game functions, but these don’t happen for every game. What does are updates!


Origin: Sims 4

Updates, even though they sound different, aren’t that discernible from patches, but in a sense, they are. Here’s what I mean:

Updates are large ‘patches’ that change the game in a specific way. Take LoL for example: A few years ago there was an update which introduced team-specific gateways to each team’s base. This changes the play-style considerably.

Updates usually contain patches as well, since it’s a much bigger effort and some ingame things need to change in order to accompany the update properly.

Why They’re Important

See, games, as we know them, aren’t endless. They can get stale very quickly, or very slowly, depending on the person and the game. League of Legends has been going at it for 10 years now and people are still making new accounts and trying out the game. This all comes down to the way Riot Games treats their game.

Constant updates and patches, and other stuff is added to the game to spice it up. Besides, introducing new champions and maps is enough to bring you back into the game if you love it.

Regarding eSports, well, you’d get bored of the exact same game pretty quickly, right? If updates and changes weren’t the usual order of things, then every game would die out in what, a year or two? Maybe more?

Due to the existence of changes, the life of a video game can be prolonged indefinitely, especially when talking about the eSports scene. This is also what makes eSports betting difficult; you might know the winning formula from before the big update, but everything changes after it. In a sense, this influences everyone that’s related to the game.


You don’t have to agree with everything these companies do. I for one have stopped playing League of Legends back in 2015, after a full 4 years of playing. I didn’t find it interesting anymore and I didn’t agree with the changes they introduced.

If you don’t like something – voice your opinion! And if you do, well, enjoy the game! One thing is for sure – updates and patches will keep rolling out at a relatively constant rate and I think this is good – it keeps the game young, fresh, and interesting, if done correctly.

This is basically the answer to the question in the title of this article. There’s not a lot more to it than this!


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