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Vancouver Titans Overwatch team had its debut on Saturday, February 16. It started at 4:30 PM PT.

This team is owned by Aquilini Group, which also owns the Canucks. Canucks are a Vancouver hockey team, and this is already far from the first regular sports organization to join Esports. Instead of skating on the ice rink, Vancouver Titans play a well known online game Overwatch.

Vancouver Titans Overwatch

This team is formed entirely of ex-Runaway players from KCL. In their league debut, they played against Shanghai Dragons. They won so decisively that they did not lose a single map. Shanghai Dragons, on the other hand, have never won a head-to-head match in OWL yet.

It all began a little shaky on Busan as expected because this is a debut match, after all. However, after a great Brigitte play by Haksal, control was stolen by the Vancouver Titans. On Map 2, Hollywood, the Titans have warmed up and completely obliterated their foes. The Shanghai Dragons have not managed to capture the Payload even once, and the match ended before it even started.

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The third game was held on Temple of Anubis. This time the Dragons were giving their utmost effort and came relatively close to stealing the map from the Titans. They failed thanks to a great defending play by Jjannu and Twilight, but at least showed some muscles.

The final map was Dorado, however, the game was already won by the Vancouver Titans Overwatch team. The first three battles were taken in the best of four.

Season 2 comes on Saturday, February 23rd, 3 PM PST. With such a top-tier play on debut and a 4-0 victory, fans are already stoked.

We can see the team’s confidence following this event, with the Titan’s Main Tank saying: “All the other Overwatch League Teams, brace yourselves. We will beat you 4-0 every game!”


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